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April 28, 2016

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator In Rose & Gold

5 AM shifts are cruel. Beyond cruel. Especially for someone like myself who needs proper time to actually come to life sipping coffee until my brain kick-starts itself into coherence and regains a real-time concept of the world around it. But it’s not just the actual waking up process that requires some time with the company of physical pains uttered by moans and groans. No. Another time consuming aspect taking place on those mornings is the actual getting ready portion where I fake looking awake. Now, I usually love, LOVE, putting on makeup and having some time to myself being a complete girl – however, at 3.45 AM, I grunt and evil-eye my bathroom counter like nobody’s business because it’s absolutely the last thing I want to do. Can’t I just show up to work looking like hell? Can I live?! One morning when I was brushing on some blush and doing my bronzer, suddenly it came to me – I need to simplify my routine for these type of mornings and the only way that I can rule out using powder products and brushes is by going completely cream and liquid. Since I had justified and given myself a reason to go shopping for makeup, during a quick trip to Ulta I picked up 2 of the 3 shades available from the L’oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator in the shades W101 Golden and N201 Rose.

The Liquid Glow Illuminator line serves as both a primer and highlighter that can be worn under or over foundation and give off a metal sheen finish that subs that lit-from-within glow wherever you are lacking. By no means are the finishes of both shades I own subtle, they are bold. Underline that, bold. After trying to apply both colors using fingers and a brush, I have found that using the ring finger works the best in order to disperse the product where I need it before they dry. While amazing for when you need something quick on the go, the major con to these illuminators are that they dry insanely quick, so the window of opportunity to play around with these falls pretty short. Which is kind of a bummer if you like to take ample time and perfect your highlight. *raises hand*. Once the formula dries they refuse to move so if you don’t get your application right the first time the otherwise neat sheen will turn into a flaky mess that for the life of you will not blend out.

The way I like to use both the Gold and Rose shade is the exact same way I have been using the L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer, which I discussed here. During my primer and prep stages, I will take a dollop from the handy squeeze tubes, which gives you full control of how much product comes out, and using my ring finger I pat the product onto the high points of my cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, center of the chin, and the cupids bow. All before foundation. Once this all sets the end result is a nice highlighted look that is not over-the-top shiny or greasy. The texture of the Liquid Glow Illuminators is quite thicker than that of the Magic Lumi Primer which in comparison was a tad more watery – making the actual illuminator’s consistency easier and a little better to work with. Just like the Magic Lumi Primer, the illuminators can be mixed with a base product like your foundation. I have not tried this method myself because my foundation’s formula is a little too thick in order to mix it together whilst still getting a beautiful glowing result since the shimmer is too intense. I tried mixing a dollop of foundation and illuminator together to see what I got, and neither played well together as it did not spread out well enough to get any benefiting results. I advise to use a foundation or BB/CC cream that is quite thin in consistency if you want to concoct the 2 together.

On to the actual colors. The illuminator line has a total of 3 shades, the 2 I mentioned before and the shade Ice. I opted for the 2 I purchased because they are warm and we are going into the Summer months so naturally I wanted something more exotic.

N201 Rose – Is my perhaps my most favorite shade to date. It’s a warm rose-gold color with medium-copper undertones and has a gold highlight/shimmer. The texture and consistency is slightly thinner than the actual gold version, but has a lot more shimmer to it that miraculously does not emphasize the pores. I always squeeze product out on the back of my hand before going to work with it because it sheers out quite a bit once it leaves the tube. Still, the formula almost dries instantly. Using my ring finger I will highlight all of the aforementioned points on the face, then once it dries down I will go over them again real quickly to build intensity as well as to assure that the end result does not look patchy. The longevity lasted equal to my shift ending at 1.00 PM, when I got home and checked the mirror I could still see a highlight but not as intense as it was when I first applied it.

W101 Gold – does not exactly go in harmony with my current state of tan and foundation. It’s a warm and bright, metallic gold with orange and yellow undertones and has a metallic sheen. The orange undertones is what is keeping me from gaining the full effect out of it as it stood out like a sore thumb on my current foundation shade which is still lingering in the lighter spectrum. Unlike the Rose version, the gold formula is a little more opaque more sheers out once it touches skin. As per usual, this as well dries very quickly so I practice the same method as I mentioned in the Rose paragraph by going in twice with the highlighter to blend and even out the product. Just like the Rose color, this color lasted 8 hours on me as well before it started losing intensity.

Overall I am happy with the products. While they are not on daily rotation, I still manage to use these once-twice a week whenever I do need a quick face application and I want to use minimal to no brushes at all. They are stunning highlighters for a drugstore price with a tad of luxury tied to them. I definitely give them two thumbs up despite that they require some trial and error before getting it tuned to a fine science on to reap the full benefit from either shade.