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Shaving For Softer Legs This Winter

December 7, 2014


It’s the Winter period which means I can shave my legs at my own discretion and nobody can judge me on it – this includes sometimes a month without ever so much thinking about gliding a razor over the proverbial Amazon jungle that is growing on my stems. Seriously though, sometimes it becomes a sport to see how long I can go without shaving before the itching drives me up the wall. Anyway. When I do shave, I like to get the softest shave possible and for that I have a set cast of characters that I have sworn by for years which starts by waiting to shave until the end of my shower. Waiting until the end gives your skin ample time to soften up and for pores to slowly open due to the hot water, this provides for a shave more seamless and quicker. I like to prep my skin for shaving with a gel because it gives a smoother shave than a cream or foam. For that I always use the Walmart brand Equate Shave Gel because it’s really gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin – this is a great gel for those with very sensitive skin that gets irritated quickly.

Using the old-school favorite Gilette Venus razor, I shave against the hair growth – meaning from ankle upwards towards the knee. You could shave with the hair growth but for the most closest shave possible, go against the grain. After rinsing off I soap up my legs with whatever body wash I am currently using, in this case that is the Suave Creamy Almond & Verbena Moisturizing Body Wash. The Suave line of body washes is my all-time favorite, I have used every single variety they have released in the recent years and it’s the only one I will ever use. Once I am done with my shower and go about drying, I pat my towel to dry my legs as opposed to rubbing because I’m not a fan of the usual towel textures that can be rather rough on the skin. When I’m hairy I don’t care about that detail. Post-shower, I apply a rich moisturizing body lotion like the Suave Revitalizing Body Lotion with Vitamin E, an alcohol-free and luxurious restoring lotion to soften my legs by locking in the moisture. Extra hydration is necessary especially during Winter because this is the time where our skin is at its driest and itchiest, and having products that boost the hydration levels is absolutely pivotal. 

Shaving your legs is a form of exfoliation, which really helps with keeping them hydrated, so there is no need to do a separate exfoliating session on the same day you shave. Instead, wait until the next day to perform an actual exfoliating treatment to extend that smooth-to-the-touch feeling. To remove the dead skin cells very thoroughly I use a traditional scrubbing mitt and go in circular motions for a minute on each leg. As an exfoliator, you could totally use a homemade DIY recipe, for mine I am using the Life’s a Beach Coconut Scrub by Dirty Works which I actually found at a Marshalls one day. Previously never heard about the brand, I decided to give it a whirl since it does have coconut oil in it as an ingredient which conditions and moisturizes the skin. Once again, rinse, soap, rinse, pat dry, lotion up.

What products do you use for a soft shave?


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