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6 Awesome Uses For Coconut Oil

December 5, 2014


Is there anything coconut oil can’t do?

1. As lotion: The natural ingredients and acids in coconut oil lock in moisture for soft, smooth skin. Great not just for your face but also for your entire body, not to mention perfect for dry elbows, ashy knees, cracked feet, etc.;

2. As a hair mask: The natural ingredients and acids in the oil functions the same for our hair as it does for our skin. It locks in the moisture for softer strands once applied and rinsed out. Take a scoopful of oil and mostly focus on the area away from the roots, with your fingers get betweem the strands and massage the ends. Leave in for 30 mins to 1 hour. Afterwards, rinse using your regular shampoo and conditioner;

3. As eye cream: Coconut oil is amazing to use on the general eye area because it has those natural ingredients that nourish and heal, without all the added fluff that usually sits in a pot of an eye cream. Just like any other really good eye cream, it locks in the moisture and hydrates the skin, while it diminishes fine lines at the same time;

4. As cuticle cream: Massage coconut oil on your nail beds before going to sleep and slip on cotton gloves, by morning those dry nails beds are moisturized like never before;

5. As makeup remover: The most gentle of makeup removers, coconut oil rids your skin of all product without irritating the skin, causing any redness or dryness. Dab some on a cotton pad and start removing;

6. As shaving cream: Substituting a regular shaving cream or gel with coconut oil gives the most softest legs you will ever feel, no exfoliating afterwards needed;

What do you use coconut oil for?