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Favorite Eye and Face Makeup Brushes

May 29, 2018

Per popular request, today I have an updated roundup of my favorite makeup brushes. So many of you have sent me emails or DM’d me about what are the best brushes for the face as well as eyes, what my favorite brush brand is, if Mikasa Beauty brushes are worth the investment, etc., and often I will reference to older review posts. Going through my post archive it came to light that it has been literal years since I’ve last done a roundup post of what my go-to brushes are. I’ve become more serious about building a proper brush rapport since I purchased my very first Mikasa Beauty brushes (reviewed here), and I’ve been very fortunate that Mikasa Beauty sends me their newest launches so it allows me to keep expanding my collection as well as knowledge and test different designs to see which works best for what. When it comes to makeup brushes, I’m a total creature of habit. For the last two years I have been exclusively using Mikasa Beauty brushes and stick with my tried and true staples because they’re consistent in quality and simply get the job done. I have explored a lot of brands over the years but always wished I could just stick to one brand for everything I need/want. Luckily I found this in Mikasa Beauty’s collection and today I have an updated roundup of my most reached for brushes I own.

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Tools & Accessories

Mikasa Beauty – New Brush Additions

Mikasa Beauty has recently added more makeup brushes to their line with a new sleek look and the ones I’ve been testing are extremely well made. I own every single brush made by Mikasa Beauty and they’ve been lasting me for years without flaw…

April 27, 2018
Tools & Accessories

New Mikasa Beauty Additions

Mikasa Beauty recently expanded their line to include two new brushes, two cleaning tools and a velour puff. As of this moment, I own every single piece in their collection and they are lasting me beyond incredible. In terms of overall quality, performance and…

November 15, 2017
Tools & Accessories

New Mikasa Beauty Brush Releases

Mikasa Beauty launched a new full range of eye, face and lip brushes this month. The new collection includes 10 of the sophisticated and sleek matte black handle brushes with silver embossed lettering as seen previously on their 8-Piece Essential Kit (reviewed here), as…

February 14, 2017
Tools & Accessories

Mikasa Beauty 8-Piece Essential Kit

I have a handful of new-to-me eye and face brushes that I’ve been playing with for the past couple of weeks. When it comes to purchasing new beauty products a good majority are bought sight unseen, with the exclusion of makeup brushes. There has…

January 24, 2017
Tools & Accessories

Mikasa Beauty Techni 4-Piece Brush Set

Since I am a beauty blogger and overall the in-house fanatic that tests quite a few products on a monthly basis, my family, friends and even co-workers often task me to voice my opinion on what are the best so and so in such…

December 14, 2016