2019 Beauty & Blog Goals

February 11, 2019

For 2019 I’ve made a list of goals I wanted to share with you and of course I’d love to hear about yours as well! I’m not one for new year resolutions but I do like to keep an evolving list of small, attainable personal goals throughout the year as I find it a great way to grow as an individual. At the start of each new year I purchase an empty magnetized “To Do List” notepad that I can stick on our fridge and we each write and scratch off our own personal goals on there as they come along and are achieved. Blog and beauty-wise there are also a few things I’d like to focus more on in 2019, and they are as follows:

Purchase and waste less beauty products | As a beauty blogger it is inevitable to accumulate copious amounts of product and equally spend quite a bit of coin in return to obtain said products. In October I made the decision to spend and purchase less products and use what I have first instead – basically only buying the absolute necessities like concealer, foundation, etc. Like a Project Pan, if you will. So far it has worked really well and I’ve yet to do any frivolous spending or splurging. This is a challenge I’d like to keep going throughout the year in order to waste less and actually use products before they expire.

Make more cruelty-free choices | For whatever reason, 2018 became the year where I felt immensely uninspired by the beauty industry and actually started to subconsciously disassociate myself from a lot of brands I previously loved. What I was craving was substance and felt like I couldn’t find that in any of the cosmetics companies I chose to support at that time. To me it became more about finding brands/companies that believe in ethical business practices and standing for something other than just profits.

Most of my life I was unaware of how prevalent animal testing is in the beauty industry. Being the uninformed consumer and beauty obsessive with blinders on, I was purchasing makeup and personal care products that contributed to animal suffering. Last year I decided to start committing myself to making more cruelty-free choices, which is why Hourglass made such a frequent appearance in many blog posts. While I’m far from perfect and still educating myself on the topic at large, I want to see a positive change in the beauty industry and I’m trying my best to be a part of it.

Be more present on the blog | Between feeling uninspired by the beauty industry, my full-time job, and going to school full-time, whatever free time I had was designated to eat, sleep, and spend time with the dude and our doghter. Now that I graduated and school has been taken out of the equation, I have more energy to distribute and one of the things I’d like to reconnect with is blogging, of course. I intent on being a lot more present around here, however, not force myself to constantly produce content, but rather take it one thing at a time and let material come naturally.

Restructure blog content | In the past I focused on covering a lot of content all at once and posting methodically thought-out articles I assumed everyone would want to read. This year, I want to post more in the moment and have this blog be less thought-out than previously. I want content to be smaller and less overarching, perhaps even cover more than just beauty and incorporate fashion, health, lifestyle, non-beauty favorite- type posts. Of course I’d still do product reviews and swatches, but with other elements mixed in to keep it interesting. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments what would you like to see!

Be more adventurous with imaging | According to Instagram there is always a certain type of editing or style of product arrangement that does well and gets the most likes. Once that starts trending, it’s the only type of style you’ll see in your feed, and it’s honestly exhausting. Instead of falling for chasing the likes, this year I really want to focus on staying true to my own photo and editing identity but not be afraid to experiment and stray away from it either by introducing something different every once in a while.

As always I’d love to hear what your 2019 goals are! Do you make a New Year’s Resolution list or have any goals? Also, don’t forget to let me know what you’d like to see as content on the blog!