Favorites Roundup Summer 2018

5 Summer Beauty Essentials

July 23, 2018

Summer is in full swing and I thought I’d put together a roundup of my 5 absolute Summer essentials. Aside from the classic triple digit temperatures, it is also Monsoon season right now here in Las Vegas so between the heat and killer humidity levels with a ton of rain, wind and thunderstorms, it’s been quite an interesting Summer so far. As with any other season, there are certain beauty items that are a like a lifeline in my regular routines to keep everything from skin to hair intact. There are quite a few items I like to keep on deck and I will be posting separate segments of those in the following weeks. For now, I know that many of you like the super edited versions so I’ve narrowed it down to a top five pick for Summer essentials I use on a regular basis.

  • An everyday sunscreen for the body – my go-to brand for the last couple of years has been Coola. It is next to impossible to stay out of the sun here so having a solid SPF for both the face as well as body is crucial. My all-time favorite from Coola is their Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 in Tropical Coconut. It wins for the sweet coconut scent since I’m drawn to anything that smells like coconut. I also really like the fact that this sunscreen has a lot of great skin benefiting properties and makes the skin look moisturized. The fact that it’s spray-on is amazing for easy on-the-go application because it cancels out having to get greasy cream all over hands.
  • An everyday sunscreen for the face – is non-negotiable and I religiously wear a face sunscreen every single day. I like to use a SPF that is moisturizing and hydrating enough on its own so it negates having to add in the extra moisturizer step prior to SPF. The Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen is one of my all-time favorite sunscreens for the face. I love how it absorbs right into the skin and has this clean, fresh scent to it. It feels nourishing and moisturizing and wears really well under makeup, plus no white cast which is a major bonus. It does produce a dewy but not too shiny finish. It’s not greasy, or oily and feels super lightweight. The consistency is that of a whipped cream and it doesn’t leave a filmy residue. The formula promotes a few anti-aging ingredients like Tocopheryl Acetate which prevents damage with a host of anti-aging properties including antioxidants.
  • Makeup removal wipes – I go through an unprecedented amount of during the Summer seasons. Between sweat, rain, humidity, dust in the air, and what have you, every time I come home from being outside or in even just in my car for a few minutes, I wipe myself down from head to chest, arms included. This is a preventative attempt to keep my skin as clear as possible curving my face from breakouts but also to keep my body from developing “sweat bumps”. I don’t really have a particular favorite when it comes to makeup removal wipes. Most of the time I shop for them at Marshalls because they come in for a really great price, plus they do the job. That being said, I do keep MAC Little Wipes in stock at all times. I’ve been using these for many, many years and simply love them. These are oversized wipes that have a luxurious feel and are super saturated with the special MAC cleanser infused with protective vitamin E. They are hydrating and nourishing and don’t leave a residue on the face.
  • Hydrating face mists – play a huge part in my skincare regimen all year round but definitely more so during the Summer. There is nothing like quenching the skin with a good, cool and hydrating face mist at any time. I have quite a few in rotation at all times and they are stashed around my house as well as permanently residing in my purses. While there is no set of constant favorites in terms of brands or formula, a mainstay and exception to the rule is Caudalie’s Grape Water. This is simply such a classic. It’s one of the best refreshing toner mists that I have tried and I believe has a major voice in keeping my skin clear as well as optimally hydrated. I like to spray this on morning and night between the essence and serum steps for an added boost of hydration. It’s just a great refreshing multi-purpose spray that is super hydrating and even feels slightly cooling on the skin.
  • A nourishing hair oil – might seem counterproductive since my hair has a tendency to become much oilier and dirty quicker during the Summer – that being said, between the scorching heat and high humidity levels, my hair can also turn to complete straw if I don’t keep it nourished with the Verb Ghost Oil. I swear by this stuff. Ghost Oil is a transparent, restorative hair oil that revitalizes hair from roots to ends. The formula features an integrated moringa oil blend that coats the hair shaft with essential nutrients. This can be applied to both damp or dry hair. I personally love to work this through dry hair every single day. Its very light and weightless but has incredible results. Hair looks healthier, shines brighter and it keeps the heat from drying out my strands, especially the ends.

That wraps up my absolute top beauty essentials to help my skin and hair survive the Summer. What are your top Summer beauty must-haves?

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