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Favorite Eye and Face Makeup Brushes

May 29, 2018

Per popular request, today I have an updated roundup of my favorite makeup brushes. So many of you have sent me emails or DM’d me about what are the best brushes for the face as well as eyes, what my favorite brush brand is, if Mikasa Beauty brushes are worth the investment, etc., and often I will reference to older review posts. Going through my post archive it came to light that it has been literal years since I’ve last done a roundup post of what my go-to brushes are. I’ve become more serious about building a proper brush rapport since I purchased my very first Mikasa Beauty brushes (reviewed here), and I’ve been very fortunate that Mikasa Beauty sends me their newest launches so it allows me to keep expanding my collection as well as knowledge and test different designs to see which works best for what. When it comes to makeup brushes, I’m a total creature of habit. For the last two years I have been exclusively using Mikasa Beauty brushes and stick with my tried and true staples because they’re consistent in quality and simply get the job done. I have explored a lot of brands over the years but always wished I could just stick to one brand for everything I need/want. Luckily I found this in Mikasa Beauty’s collection and today I have an updated roundup of my most reached for brushes I own.

Eye Essentials

  • E100 Angled Liner Brush ($11) – a firm, angled brush that is hands down the best eyeliner and eyebrow application brush in my collection. It has a nice sharp contour that is perfect for precision lining and is thin enough to feather in and define brows like a pro
  • E110 Eye Liner Brush ($11) – is a good dense detail brush. It’s stiff but not too stiff so it’s easy to maneuver across the eye. I like this one to highlight my inner corners because it’s so small you can perfectly trace the corners for a more natural look. The brush is also great for tightlining and various eyeliner applications not to mention you can create a mean feline flick with a nice sharp edge. This is my do-it-all kind of brush for small and detailed work
  • E120 Small Flat Definer Brush ($11) – is a extra thin and small, flat headed brush perfect for defining the lash line or for highlighting the inner corners. I have come to love this brush for small detail applications like tightlighting, applying to the waterline, highlighting the inner corners, even for creating a sharp flick on winged eyeliner. The thin edge easily applies product along smaller areas, while the flat side can create wide and sharp lines
  • E200 Angled Eye Shadow Brush ($12) – works amazing as a crease blending brush, for all-over lid color and brow highlighting. I use this brush the most to apply and blend shadow underneath my brows for highlighting because it allows me to apply color exactly where I want it
  • E230 Eye Shader Brush ($12) – is my favorite eyeshadow application brush. The bristles are a bit firmer that is good for giving the lids an all over wash of color with high-impact intensity and really layers on the product. It’s also a good brush to apply and blend cream shadows with
  • E240 Short Eye Shader Brush ($12) – is what I like to use for cream shadows, liners and powder liners. It has a really nice short rounded tip making application smooth and easy. It applies shadows on the lids, it will smudge and smoke out colors along the lash line and is absolutely perfect for a smokey eye
  • E250 Large Eye Shader Brush ($12) – is essentially the same as the E230 Eye Shader Brush but differ in shape, size and bristle type. The new E250 has a large paddle shaped head design with bristles that are super soft and flexible. This works extremely well for a soft wash of color across the eye lids or blending and smudging powder eye products for a very soft, diffused finish
  • E300 Blending Brush ($12) – is a good brush for blending bases onto lids, crease and outer corners. I like that it has soft bristles to create that natural diffused look in the crease which makes blending a lot easier for me
  • E310 Pencil Brush ($12) – is one of my favorite multi-purpose brushes. This one is great to apply and blend colors in the outer corners with as well, and it’s amazing for applying and blending out the lower lash line
  • E320 Tapered Blending Brush ($12) – is one of my top picks to apply an all-over wash of color with on the lids. It picks up color really well and blends powders together nicely. I like that it’s dense but super soft at the same time
  • E330 Large Blending Brush ($12) – is the best fluffy blending brush you can find for under $20. This one is key for me in terms of blending shadows for a subtle gradient look, especially in the crease

Face Essentials

  • F100 Powder Brush ($21) – is one of my favorite powder brushes. It never fails me to apply all-over setting powders, bronzers or to blend out everything at the end before setting spray so everything looks uniform and gives me the assurance of no harsh lines
  • F110 Angled Blush Brush ($17) – has steadily become one of my favorite blush brushes because of the shape. It’s medium-sized and shape is perfect for hugging and contouring the cheeks with a flush of color. The pure high grade natural goat hair has just the right amount of density to pick up color and dispense it evenly on the cheeks. It’s also a great powder contour and blending tool. The angled shape helps control application
  • F111 Blush Brush – is one of the best to pick up and deposit blush colors with. Some brushes pick up either too much (even with tapping off excess) or pick up too little, but this one picks up just enough. I have been looking for a blush brush like this exact one for a long time. I love how it flawlessly blends color into the cheeks that resembles a pure natural glow without the fear of overdoing it
  • F120 Tapered Contour Brush ($16) – is a soft and silky brush featuring synthetic nylon hair and has a tapered end. One of the things I love about Mikasa brushes is that a majority of their brushes are multi-functional and the uses for this brush are endless. I like to use mine to sweep highlighter across the high-points of the face for a beautiful diffused look but more so to apply translucent setting powder underneath the eyes. The tapered end allows me to get as close to the inner corner as possible. I have been looking for a proper powder setting brush for the longest time and was immediately floored when I saw this brush because it’s exactly the likes of what I had in mind. You can also use this brush to sweep a powder contour along the jawline, under the cheekbones, and outer edges of the face
  • F300 Foundation Brush ($16) – is a firm brush that’s great for smooth foundation application. I’ve tested this one for about a week with liquid foundations and find it performs really well to evenly blend product on the face. I typically prefer a sponge for this step because in past experiences I have found a bit of streaking caused by the bristles and always end up smoothing out my face with my fingers. This brush seems to work much better because the bristles are more naturally tapered. I experienced no streaking or skipped patches with this brush.
  • F310 Round Buffing Brush ($20) – is one of the most dense yet extremely soft brushes I’ve tried. It can easily be used for powder applications as well as creams and liquids. I personally like to use it to buff out foundation after I applied it with a sponge applicator for a natural and flawless finish
  • F320 Angled Foundation Brush ($21) – is just a bit denser than the F310 but is smaller in size. This brush works absolutely perfect to blend and buff liquid foundation especially along the flat planes of the face. I tend to use this the most for cream contour or bronzers. It’s a versatile brush so it can really be used for anything

  • Techni L2 Linear Brush ($20) – With a narrow row of fibers, about 1-3mm wide, this brush creates a firm, precise line along the upper and lower lash lines. Also defines and fills brows, and can be used to define the lips
  • Techni O2 Oval (S) Brush ($25) – The perfect multi-purpose tool. This brush can be used for precise application of contour products. It can also be used to apply a soft wash of color to the eyelid or brow bone. It easily blends powder or cream eye shadows, face powders, and liquid or cream concealers in the hard-to-reach contours of the face. Made of 100% synthetic fibers. Features an ultra-durable, flexible handle, and a tilted brush head for ultimate precision
  • Techni O6 Oval (M) Brush ($35) – Medium brush head to allow for more precision. This brush is excellent for application of blush, foundation, contour, or setting powder. This rounded, medium sized brush allows for even, flawless blending to small and large areas of the face and cheeks

That wraps up my tried and true makeup brushes for the face and eyes post! I hope you found this helpful in case you’re looking for new brushes or a new brand to try. Mikasa Beauty offers a well-rounded foundation of basics but also has a lot of specialty brushes that are great add-ons to any collection. Some designs they have released I’ve never seen before but turned out to be very practical and functional for certain applications or detail work. Like brushes you never knew you needed. If there is one brush design I wish they would add to their lineup it would be a medium-sized fan brush for highlighting.

Mikasa Beauty tools are exclusively available on their official website.

What are your favorite tools?

Many thanks to Mikasa Beauty for providing brushes for review. As always, opinions are strictly my own.

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