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Mikasa Beauty – New Brush Additions

April 27, 2018

Mikasa Beauty has recently added more makeup brushes to their line with a new sleek look and the ones I’ve been testing are extremely well made. I own every single brush made by Mikasa Beauty and they’ve been lasting me for years without flaw and I absolutely love them. The new ones have definitely improved with a softer feel and more luxurious application.

There are four total brushes that I tested, all are for the complexion and exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and application of multiple makeup formulas, including powder, cream and liquid.

Shown above from left to right:

  • F210 Small Duo Fibre Finishing Brush – is the smaller version of the F200 Duo Fibre Finishing Brush. This works extremely well for streak-free blending of all product types and lightweight application. It’s very soft and makes it easy to layer and blend liquids
  • F310 Round Buffing Brush – is one of the most dense yet extremely soft brushes I’ve tried. It can easily be used for powder applications as well as creams and liquids. I personally like to use it to buff out foundation after I applied it with a sponge applicator for a natural and flawless finish
  • F320 Angled Foundation Brush – is just a bit denser than the F310 but is smaller in size. This brush works absolutely perfect to blend and buff liquid foundation especially along the flat planes of the face. I tend to use this the most for cream contour or bronzers. It’s a versatile brush so it can really be used for anything
  • F400 Angled Detail Brush – is a nicely soft angled detailing face brush perfect for contours, detail powder application or concealer. It’s great for detailing around the eye area, nose and cheekbones. It’s so soft and plush so it picks up product beautifully

Overall the brushes are excellent. They have a more modern updated look and quality-wise (including performance) it’s definitely an upgrade from their other brushes. I personally love their entire collection and have absolutely no problems with their existing lineup – that being said in an actual comparison, the new releases are definitely more luxurious. Mikasa Beauty brushes are well made and perform superbly. Based on how long mine have lasted + the amount of daily use they go through, I do think they are an amazing investment as the ones I own are still in basically brand new condition.

You can find the new additions and the rest of their line exclusively at

Many thanks to Mikasa Beauty for providing the new brushes for review. As always, opinions are strictly my own.

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  • Lena L April 28, 2018 at 6:53 am

    They look very nice! I just checked out the site and was surprised how affordable they are. Thanks for showing them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • inglossmode April 30, 2018 at 10:38 am

      They’re my absolute favorite brush brand, hands down!