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MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Shimmer and Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish

April 25, 2018

MAC has recently launched new additions to their Strobe collection including the Prep + Prime Fix+ Shimmer in Goldlite and Pinklite ($26 ea / 3.4 US fl oz – 100 ml), and introduced the permanent return of Whisper of Gilt ($33 / 0.31 US oz – 9 oz) for their Extra Dimension Skinfinish line as well. I’ve been such a huge fan of the original Prep + Prime Fix+ for years since it’s just a simply amazing setting spray but I also like to use it to amplify eyeshadow colors or to blend out cream products for a flawless finish. It has a great hydration factor and over foundation gives the skin a smooth, natural glow. You can also mist it onto skin throughout the day for an instant boost of hydration and to refresh your makeup. I’m thrilled they launched the original formula but infused with pearlescent particles to illuminate and add radiance to the skin.

I’ve been playing with both Goldlite and Pinklite and although they’re both gorgeous, I have to say that Goldlite is my favorite. It gives this really nice shimmer bronzed effect to the skin without overdoing it. The bottles come equipped with a metal ball inside to mix up the product while shaking and you do have to shake really well to evenly distribute the pigment or else you either end up with a glitter bomb all over your face, or nothing at all. The sprays take a minute to settle onto the face but once they are set they give a really nice subtle shimmer finish without being overly shimmery or glittery.

Below is Goldlite prior to shaking. Here the pigments are quite more visible since they have settled to the bottom a bit

Below is Pinklite after shaking. Once the pigments are mixed the sprays turn into a smooth consistency slightly cast in their respective shade

Here’s a look at what the sprays look like on skin. Goldlite is definitely the more shimmery option. The pigments, even when mixed, are much more visible than Pinklite, which is the subtle choice out of the two. With Pinklite you still get the glow just minus the pigment overload

Up next is the Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish. MAC brought back fan favorite Whisper of Gilt for good this time and it has now become a permanent part of the line. I love the Extra Dimension Skinfinish formula and have collected a bunch of shades from previous launches. If I remember the original Whisper of Gilt correctly, the color is about the same to this version but appears significantly more strobe-like almost with a duochrome finish. Upon first swipe I was 100% certain that the color would be way too frosty for my complexion but actually melds really well with the skin. The powder has a smooth, creamy texture and can be sheered out or amped up to beaming bright.

A closer look at the color and design

Swatched on the arm

As you can see from the swatch, this version is a bit more trendy and packs a lot of sheen. I really like the finish of Whisper of Gilt on my skin either as a soft or stronger highlight on the cheeks or eyes.

Comparison swatches to MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette in Get it Glowin’ (reviewed here), Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter (reviewed here), and Pure Strobe Light from Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette (reviewed here)

Overall I love that MAC has added the new Fix+ options and that they FINALLY made Whisper of Gilt permanent. If you haven’t tried the new sprays yet I highly recommend you do! For the Fix+ sprays I’ve found it best to shake really, really well before applying and to spray in either an X or S motion to cover the face evenly.

Have you tried any of the new MAC Strobe additions yet? There seems to be a diverse range of opinions on the new Prep + Prime sprays and am curious what my readers think!

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