Favorites Roundup Spring 2018

5 Spring Beauty Essentials

March 26, 2018

Today I’m sharing a look at five of my Spring beauty essentials for both at home as well as when I’m on the go. Living in Las Vegas where the sun is really strong and shines almost every day + the warm air, certain beauty items are a like a lifeline in my regular routines to keep everything from skin to hair intact. There are quite a few items I like to keep on deck but if I made a comprehensive list it would be quite long. I know that many of you like the super edited versions so I’ve narrowed it down to a top five pick for Spring essentials I use on a regular basis.

  • An everyday sunscreen for the body – my go-to brand for the last couple of years has been Coola. It is next to impossible to stay out of the sun here so having a solid SPF for both the face as well as body is crucial. My all-time favorite from Coola is their Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 in Tropical Coconut. It wins for the sweet coconut scent since I’m drawn to anything that smells like coconut. I also really like the fact that this sunscreen has a lot of great skin benefiting properties and makes the skin look moisturized. The fact that it’s spray-on is amazing for easy on-the-go application because it cancels out having to get greasy cream all over hands
  • An everyday sunscreen for the face – in order to find more formulas that work for my skin I moved on from the Farmacy Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Echinacea GreenEnvy and started using the Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen. I still love the Farmacy and keep it as a backup but I felt like I needed to explore this category more to find others that may potentially work for me. So far I really like the Neogen. I love how it absorbs right into my skin and has this clean, fresh scent to it. It feels moisturizing and wears really well under makeup, plus no white cast which is a major bonus. It does produce a dewy but not too shiny finish. It’s not greasy and so far I have not experienced a breakout.The consistency is that of a whipped cream and it doesn’t leave a filmy residue like most of the Shiseido sunscreens I have tried recently. What initially drew me to this formula is that it promotes anti-aging ingredients, but while I can’t speak on the results of that it is just a comfort knowing it contains such properties
  • A good body oil – is something that I have started preferring over traditional lotions for the warmer period because it dries down more lightly than a lotion does. Heat + lotion = stickiness even in a AC cooled house and it’s just not the business. Obsessed would be an understatement how I feel about the IGK Speechless Hair and Body Dry Oil Finishing Spray. It’s literally Summer in a bottle! This is a luxurious, lightweight dry finishing oil that you spray on to help you achieve supple, velvety-smooth, and refined skin texture. I spray this on right before I leave the house and my skin is not just moisturized but glows all day! It absorbs quickly with almost no effort and the scent is light and lovely. This genius formula also doubles as a hair mist to restore hair health by infusing intense hydration and powerful nutrients. I like to spray it on my ends for a nice shine without weighing hair down
  • Dry shampoo – I’ve never been a fan of and didn’t really find it to be essential until my hair structure changed and now the heat basically deflates it from any volume allowing it to fall flat in the process. Dry shampoo has become part of my regular routine for a volume boost and refresh whenever hair starts to fall victim to the heat and sweat. The only one I truly like so far is the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones. Out of the handful I’ve tested this one is indeed dark hair friendly and works the best for me. It doesn’t leave a white cast on my hair, but also doesn’t leave a dark cast that comes off on my hands the way some dry shampoos for dark hair do. It smells the same as all Moroccan Oil products, which I personally love
  • Light lip formula – whenever it reaches a certain degree I get to a point where I only wear lip balm type products because they offer the most comfort and come with less fuss. I like the ones that I can just swipe on without a mirror and be good. I’ve been really loving the Tom Ford Ultra-Shine Lip Color in Bare (reviewed + swatched here). The Ultra-Shine Lip Color is a 3-1 glossy, creamy lip formula that combines the easy, one-stroke application of a lipstick, the high-shine finish of a lip gloss, and the rich emollient feel of a lip balm. It feels weightless on the lips but provides a nice tint of color with a glossy shine

I hope you enjoyed this Spring essentials edit! I tried to keep it as minimal as I could while still outlining my most-used and considered most important beauty items to keep my skin as well as hair in tiptop shape. It’s not always easy to find products that completely work for me since the Vegas dry heat can be very unforgiving sometimes so I go through a lot of product testing that often holds more misses than hits. Albeit it’s all part of being a beauty blogger and I absolutely adore the process. As always I’d love to hear what your favorites for Spring are, leave me your essentials below!

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