Amorepacific Skincare Testing

February 9, 2018

Korean skincare has been an active element in my beauty routine for well over a year now. After incorporating bits here and there into my various everyday regimens, once I established a solid foundation of products that worked for my skin type/concerns I found that my overall complexion looked better, healthier, and had this almost permanent glow/dew to it. At this point, I’d say about 90% of my skincare collection consists of Korean products. A specific brand that I’ve always been curious about is Amorepacific. As long as I’ve known about Korean skincare, Amorepacific has always been on the forefront as a leader in Asian beauty creation and most of their collections are hailed as worthwhile investment pieces. Since their products are generally on the expensive side I’ve never had the courage to test anything because I didn’t know what formula would work best for my skin. During the Holiday season I had the opportunity to team up with Amorepacific and try out their My 12 Days of Timeless Beauty set. I’ve put the included skincare items to the test for the past two months and have reviews to share today.

First up are the pieces from the Time Response Collection which is Amorepacific’s most popular and best-selling line. This line utilizes green tea stem cells, green tea EGCG, and green tea saponin that are combined into a powerful complex proven to reduce the signs of aging by boosting collagen production and stimulate hyaluronic production to regulate melanin to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation.

  • Time Response Skin Renewal Creme – is an intensive, luxurious anti-aging creme to help improve the appearance of radiant, firm and smooth skin. It feels rich on the skin but a little goes a very long way. The creme has a smooth, creamy consistency that adds optimal hydration to the skin, plumping it. After two months of use my complexion is softer and brighter. I’ve noticed that my more prominent forehead lines have started to disappear as well. The cream is absorbed quickly into the skin and the light, clean scent is super refreshing
  • Time Response Eye Renewal Crème – comes highly recommended by the Amorepacific community. This intensive anti-aging crème improves the appearance of darkness and puffiness around the eye area. It’s very hydrating and basically melts into your skin. I’m especially well-endowed in the dark circle department but after two months of applying this once a day (this is a time release product and calls for 1x/day) my dark circles have increasingly decreased to the point where people think I’ve either; 1) got something done, or 2) am doing my makeup differently. They’re not gone, but they are so much better
  • Time Response Vintage Wash Off Masque – has become one of my most-used clarifying masks as I like that it acts as a antioxidant mask with fermented green tea leaf but without being too strong. This is formulated with gallic acid for a youthful and bright complexion, and with subtle green tea fragrance to soothe skin. It cleans out my skin like nothing else and helps rebalance the complexion. One of the things I noticed immediately after use is how brighter and youthful my skin appeared to look. I will be purchasing the full size of this one once I use up the trial size. I really appreciate the fact how much impact it made in the anti-aging department on top of the detox factor
  • Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Masque – is a lightweight anti-aging mask that works to boost your skin’s natural immunity, repair cellular damage and replenish cellular energy while you sleep. I notice that my skin looks fresh and glowy in the morning after use, leaving it feeling very moisturized and plump

Next is the Moisture Bound line. This is a deeply hydrating, antioxidant-rich skincare collection formulated with highly concentrated bamboo sap to delay signs of aging.

  • Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum – is a highly concentrated, lightweight 24-hour time-released treatment that quickly penetrates into the skin, working to visibly improve skin by increasing cell regeneration, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles (both immediate and long-term), plus restoring skin density and a radiant youthful complexion. This is a very lightweight serum that almost works like a toner in the sense that it rebalances, yet has all these extra benefits. Whenever I use this under the Time Response Skin Renewal Creme my complexion looks clear, smooth, feels soft, has no red patches or uneven color, breathing new life into the skin
  • Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System – is a refreshing face mist that came highly recommended by quite a few of my readers after I professed my love for mists in this face spray roundup post. I love how hydrating it is and how it instantly re-energizes skin throughout the day

Next are a few items from Amorepacific’s classic Treatment collection.

  • Treatment Enzyme Peel Exfoliator – is a gentle daily exfoliating powder formulated with natural papaya enzymes for a bright, radiant complexion. This contains no actual scrubbing beads as with most facial exfoliators, instead has natural enzymes only. While there are no scrubbing beads, this treatment is still super effective in removing dead skin cells and can be used multiple times per week since it’s not abrasive. At first I wasn’t impressed by this at all but noticed over time how my skin texture became much smoother and evened my skin tone, especially on the chin since I have a lot of redness there. This is a great exfoliator for those who want or need something that is gentle and non-abrasive
  • Treatment Cleansing Oil – is a lightweight and non-greasy cleansing oil that lifts away impurities and effortlessly removes makeup. It goes on light leaving skin feeling clean and rebalanced with two pumps removing all makeup (even waterproof) or just the day in general
  • Treatment Cleansing Foam – is a non-drying, foaming cleanser. Normally I’m not a fan of foam cleansers because despite their claims, usually they’re still super drying. The product lathers up nicely and you do not need a lot maybe only a dime size, if that. It doesn’t strip the skin with a luxurious texture and contains tiny blue beads (which is vitamin C) that gently exfoliates. It works into a really nice lather. I use this as my second step in my double cleansing routine and it never leaves my skin feeling tight or dry
  • Treatment Toner – is a balancing toner that restores skin’s pH levels by stimulating microcirculation and providing antioxidant protection, while reducing the dryness, breakouts and irritation that can be caused by chemicals and pollutants in common tap water. It’s a great basic toner that is moisturizing and left the skin feeling well hydrated and plump

Lastly are two items from two different lines, and includes:

  • Future Response Age Defense Creme – is a great daily moisturizer, one that I think would work amazing in the hot Summer months here as it is formulated to help protect against environmental aggressors such as pollution and free radicals. It has a smooth, silky texture that is feels very rich on the skin yet is lightweight and non-greasy. This specific moisturizer works much more effectively than La Mer’s
  • Vintage Single Extract Essence – is a skin-enhancing essence sourced from single extract, antioxidant-rich green tea that has been naturally fermented and aged to pre-tox and purify skin before aging occurs. I am all about using essence and fell head-over-heels with this one, of course because it’s $145 *le sigh*. I’m absolutely astonished by the results. It brightens, softens lines and hydrates, leaving skin supple and glowing. The lightweight texture is almost like water and practically sinks into the skin absorbing in no-time flat. Aging concerns? Apply this. Breakouts? Apply this. Dry skin? Apply this. I’m 100% officially hooked

Most reviews on Amorepacific’s products are overwhelmingly positive, for good reason, and I was so thrilled to finally test out some pieces thanks to the Amorepacific team. Since their collections are on the expensive side, and if you’re like me completely unsure of what formulas will work best for your skin type/concerns, I recommend trying one of the trial sets prior which allows you to sample multiple products at a greater value in lieu of splurging on a full size and maybe not loving it.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup about my experience testing a few items from Amorepacific. If you have any AP favorites yourself, of course I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking to test and add more skincare gems to my own collection so your thoughts and opinions I truly take to heart.

Amorepacific My 12 Days of Timeless Beauty set provided courtesy of the team for review. As always, opinions are my own.

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