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Neutral Nail Polish Favorites in Rotation

January 26, 2018

Today’s post is yet another by popular request and this time involves recommendations for neutral-based nail polishes. Finding a good neutral nail polish can be almost as harrowing as trying to find a good neutral lipstick. There are so many neutral options available but many that are either too sheer, too brown, too pink, too this, too that, and what have you without even going into the skin and undertone factors. It has taken me years and many botched purchases to find that something with a bit of yellow or very subtle pink with nude works the best for my medium skintone. Anything that carries too much pink or too much brown completely clashes with my skintone and washes it out entirely. While I have found suitable candidates for most categories, I’m still on the hunt to find the perfect nude peach and off-white like in vein of OPI’s Be There in a Prosecco. I love the look of Be There in a Prosecco on others but on me it’s a bit too pale for not being a pure white.

Whenever I wear a neutral or nude nail polish, I rotate very frequently between Tom Ford’s Sugar Dune or Essie’s Spin the Bottle. Even though both appear kind of similar in tone, there is enough of a difference in undertone varying from one to the next to make it look like a totally different nail color. Just like with makeup, you just don’t know how a color is going to look until it’s actually on your skin. Today I have a super edited post outlining some of my favorite neutral or nude nail polishes. When it comes to nail polishes, I am very much a creature of habit and basically, I like what I like so I keep it very simple and only own what I truly think looks good on me.

  • Christian Louboutin The Metalinudes Goldissima (reviewed here) – is a warm, light gold with subtle bronze undertones. This is the first gold-based color that translates like an actual gold on me without casting a sickly yellow veil. The shimmer finish is pure perfection, it has smooth shiny coverage that only takes 2 coats and usually lasts at least 5 days without chipping or tip wear, even in my line of work!
  • Christian Louboutin The Metalinudes Preciosa (reviewed here) – is a warm, medium coppery rose gold with pink undertones
  • Essie Spin the Bottle – is a creamy nude with soft pink undertones and pulls slightly warm. This is one of the very few polishes with a pink tint that I can wear. To achieve full coverage it takes two coats
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish Klute – is a warm beige with yellow undertones. This is one of my favorite colors for Summer more than it is for Winter. I am slightly less tan in the Winter which makes this color look extremely yellow on me. To achieve full coverage it takes two coats, the first coat tends to be streaky but will even out with the second
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish Tootsie – is a great neutral even though it teeters on the darker spectrum. Despite that I avoid cooler tones like it’s the plague since they don’t mesh with my skintone, this mauve nude gives the most polished elegant look I’ve seen and is still light enough in color that it gives the hands the look of being lighter and brighter
  • Tom Ford Sugar Dune – is my most-worn neutral of all time. This is simply a very elegant color and I always feel like it makes me look put together, even when I known I’m not. It’s a slightly cool-toned creamy beige with subtle pink undertones and takes two coats to achieve full coverage

For swatches, I actually decided to keep them to a nail wheel this time around. I’m doing this purely so that my skin and undertone don’t influence how the color ultimately ends up looking to you. With a nail wheel you get to see what the shade looks like completely grounded.

Also, my nails themselves are not exactly tres chic-looking at the moment … *le sigh*

Regardless of how small this roundup post is, I hope this somewhat helps in terms of comparing colors. Nail polish is just not something that I’ve ever gotten big enough into to accumulate an entire collection worth of – as I said in previous paragraph, I like what I like and I like to keep it simple in that sense.

Do you have any neutral nail polish favorites? I know the word “neutral” can be widely interpreted by everyone, but I’d love to hear what yours are! I’m always on the lookout to add more to my little squad so let let me know what shades work best for you and if you can share your skintone that would be super helpful as well!

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  • justjasmineella January 27, 2018 at 1:51 am

    The Christian Louboutin packaging is so gorgeous! x