Latest Obsession: Vivitar Stimulator T-Bar

January 3, 2018

As I continue to age, I am becoming more aware of the potential looming effects of aging on the skin especially when it comes to fine lines and even wrinkles. This year I turned 33 and even though I still have amazing skin and the general age estimate I receive hoovers between 23-25, I’ve started to notice fine lines and creases form around my eye area as well as between my eyebrows. These are mainly from me forever squinting and suffering from a glorious RBF that have caused creases over time. Not exactly one for invasive treatments, parsing through the latest skincare trends as well as the hottest creams/serums/peels, I came to the conclusion that I just needed something completely different than from what I usually do in my day to day routines.

This year I finally introduced myself to the concept of facial devices, and one that I’ve been testing for the past month is the Vivitar Stimulator T-Bar. The Vivitar PG-7001 Stimulator T-Bar is an ultra sleek anti-aging device that refreshes and rejuvenates the skin by providing the right amount of stimulation to every facial muscle, keeping skin wrinkle-free and regenerated. Basically what this tool does is deliver mild electric pulses to your face through the horizontal bar which helps to firm and lift the contours of the face. It’s pretty much like yoga for the skin, working out your facial muscles, many of which aren’t used a lot like other muscles which in return causes sagging.

The Stimulator T-Bar channels 6000 vibrations per minute and comes with one set speed only. My first experience with the device was rather … interesting. Tending to my face for a solid 10 minutes, depending on what area I was treating, either my mouth corners twitched uncontrollably or I had to suppress the urge to sneeze but ultimately found the currents to be quite relaxing. Whenever I use this, I prefer to mimic a lymphatic drainage massage which I do so over top of a sheet mask. A lymphatic drainage massage reduces the toxins in your body, while the purpose for the sheet mask is to trigger my complexion staying brighter and tighter for more days than usual after masking.

In testing the device over the past 30+ days at about 2 or 3 times per week, I do find that it really does work to a certain degree. With each use the effect is instantaneous and it’s quite impactful. I have been using this mostly on my forehead, as well as around the eyes and the area of your cheeks where laugh lines originate. Even though I don’t have permanent laugh lines nor even small creases in that specific area, I am mindful that one day there will be so I am taking preventative action to hopefully deter that from happening. I do find that if I focus on the laugh line area that skin feels more smoother and lifted. The effects for the forehead area have been a little more dramatic. It feels lifted, especially around the brows. Skin is also firmer and smoother, and frown lines are becoming less visible with each use. Around the eyes has naturally proven to be a little stubborn since skin is more delicate and not as resilient as most parts of the face. I suspect it is going to take much more time to see if my squint lines will benefit from the device but for now, some of the lines appear more plump however, nothing dramatic just yet.

Overall, I give the Vivitar Stimulator T-Bar a thumbs up. Just like when I introduced myself to the Foreo Luna Play, I have become addicted to using this and view it as one of my first steps toward more serious anti-aging treatments for regular skincare aside from masks or peels. Like most anti-aging treatment, the effects are mostly temporary but skin is supposed to improve over time with regular, disciplined use. While for now I am very thrilled that I found something that helps give my face a little lift, I am kind of looking forward to graduate in the future to either a NuFace Facial Toning Device or an at-home microneedling tool. If anyone would like to share their experiences about either of the above two, I am all ears to hear your stories!

The Vivitar Stimulator T-Bar has a very limited online presence, I only found it either on Amazon or Staples. However, if you’re interested in trying this device I suggest scouring your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx stores. I found mine at my Marshalls for $9.99, less than half the price of what they are charging online.

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