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Chanel Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder | Rosy Gold

December 5, 2017

Chanel has released two new highlighter formulas for the Holiday season. One is the Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder ($58 – 0.30 oz / 8.5 g), and the other the long anticipated Le Signe du Lion Illuminating Powder ($70 – 0.31 oz / 9 g). Both are listed as exclusives, and Poudre Lumiere is permanent while Le Signe du Lion is limited edition. I ordered both new highlighter formulas on their respective launch dates and up first for review is the Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder in Rosy Gold (30).

Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder is an illuminating face powder that captures and reflects light to leave a sheer, radiant finish. This formula definitely yields as one of Chanel’s more shimmery highlighters, and if it is an actual glow you want than I would say opt for Le Signe du Lion Illuminating Powder instead. On the skin, Poudre Lumiere has the prettiest radiant luminosity with hints of pinky peach, gold and bronze mixed in. Dubbed as sheer by Chanel, I found the powder actually to be quite pigmented teetering more towards semi-opaque. For sheer coverage I suggest applying with a very light hand using a fluffy brush. Despite of its stiffer texture, the powder has a soft, smooth consistency that was easy to apply, blend and diffuse on the skin.

There are two color options to choose from in the US. In other markets there is a third variation in Warm Gold, however, that shade was not added to this launch. I opted for Rosy Gold since I already own quite a bit of champagne/golden highlighters as opposed to rose-toned options. Rosy Gold is a gorgeous light to medium, warm rose gold with peach undertones and has a metallic finish without the frost. While you can achieve a similar effect with other lesser-priced highlighters, I do find that the mix of shimmers and colors in Poudre Lumiere has a beautiful effect on the complexion. It does not necessarily give that perfect lit-from-within glow that Le Signe du Lion delivers, but does give more of a lustrous quality that isn’t too subtle but also isn’t too sparkly with a soft veiling of color. Lasting power is really good. Poudre Lumiere lasts well over eight hours on me without emphasizing pores or skin texture, nor did the color separate from the sparkle as time ticked on.

Closeup image of the color and detail

Swatched on the arm

Overall the Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder is a solid performer. True to classic Chanel form, the general quality considered in all facets of the powder is on-point with what I have grown accustomed to from purchasing so many Chanel face products over the years. While Poudre Lumiere is the more sparkly option, it has proven to be an easy to wear highlighter regardless and truly looks stunning on the skin. I don’t believe that Rosy Gold will be a must-have for most women as there are other highlighters out there that will get you a very similar effect. However, for Chanel lovers like myself, the Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder would be just a stunning piece to own and collect.

The Poudre Lumiere Highlighting Powder is exclusively available at Chanel.

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