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New Mikasa Beauty Additions

November 15, 2017

Mikasa Beauty recently expanded their line to include two new brushes, two cleaning tools and a velour puff. As of this moment, I own every single piece in their collection and they are lasting me beyond incredible. In terms of overall quality, performance and the way they are cut make for a luxurious application and compared to other brush brands have made a tremendous difference in product finish on the skin. All tools are currently exclusive to Mikasa’s official website.

There are two new brush releases that I have been testing, both of which are for the eyes:

  • E120 Small Flat Definer Brush ($11) – is a extra thin and small, flat headed brush perfect for defining the lash line or for highlighting the inner corners. I have come to love this brush for small detail applications like tightlighting, applying to the waterline, highlighting the inner corners, even for creating a sharp flick on winged eyeliner. The thin edge easily applies product along smaller areas, while the flat side can create wide and sharp lines.
  • E250 Large Eye Shader Brush ($12) – is essentially the same as the E230 Eye Shader Brush but differ in shape, size and bristle type. The new E250 has a large paddle shaped head design with bristles that are super soft and flexible. This works extremely well for a soft wash of color across the eye lids or blending and smudging powder eye products for a very soft, diffused finish.

A first to Mikasa’s collection are two brand new cleaning tools. As a fan of the brushes I have been eagerly waiting for them to expand into more tools for cleaning or even pro- type items like an apron, brush belt, even a sustainable bag to store their brushes in. The new cleaning tools, however, are pure genius and I absolutely love them!

C100 Quick Change Brush Cleaner ($12) – is a dry cleaning sponge that easily and quickly removes powder products from your brushes. This has been a heaven-sent for me since I tend to use a makeup towel to quickly swipe my powder brushes on for a quick change of colors or application purposes. This eliminates having to use a towel as you simply swipe your brush over the sponge until product is removed, its as easy as that! What’s even better is that the sponge can be easily removed and cleaned with soap and warm water for multiple reuses.

Closeup of the dry cleaning sponge

Here’s a quick example of how to use the Quick Change Brush Cleaner. If your brush happens to be laden with powder, just simply swipe it across the sponge surface until clean:

C110 Professional Quick Change Armband ($18) – features the same dry cleaning sponge as the Mikasa Quick Change Brush Cleaner and comes equipped with elasticized bands to hold several small brushes. This is the portable version of the standalone sponge which makes it a perfect tool for professional makeup artists, or just makeup fanatics like myself! The Quick Change Armband is reusable and washable with warm water and soap as well.


The armband is perfect for makeup artists who need a quick change of brushes

Lastly is the S200 Large Velour Puff ($13). This is an extremely luxurious, soft powder puff large enough for use on the face or body. I tried this with both under-eye finishing powder as well as face powder and found it to be the perfect size for all areas as it easily conforms to multiple contours of the face. It’s also great to cover larger areas like parts of the body including legs and arms. It’s so soft and plush and picks up product beautifully. In addition, I also like to use it as a face shield to keep my base products from smudging or smearing when I still have to work in a certain area. I have a tendency to lean my pinky on my face to keep my hand steady and this usually causes foundation to transfer to my pinky or smear off all-together. The Large Velour Puff has worked amazing for that purpose.

Overall the new additions are excellent and are definitely worth looking into. Quality and performance-wise, Mikasa ranks easily with higher-end brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown but instead offer their products at a lower, more fair price so that everyone can enjoy the experience that a luxuriously-grade brush would provide. Based on how much I use my brushes and how many deep-washes I’ve put them through, I do think they are an amazing investment as I foresee that these will last me for a couple years.

You can find the new additions as well as their full line online on Mikasa’s official website.

New items provided courtesy of Mikasa Beauty

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