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Mint n Coco Bloom Organic Body Milk

October 20, 2017

As the weather has started to shift to cooler and dryer temperatures, I am starting to feel the need for some extra skincare boosts when it comes to body care. During the colder period, my otherwise normal/dry skin has a tendency to become almost painfully dry, even sensitive in some cases, especially on the legs and forearms. At the first sign of dry spots or white flakes, to beat the onslaught of bothersome itching that will inevitably follow, I immediately amp up my daily shower routine with more hydrating and gentler formulas to keep my skin smooth, itch-free, and hydrated. Recently Mint n Coco reached out to me and asked if I would like to try anything from their line. Mint n Coco is a practitioner crafted, Biodiverse Organic Body Care company that provides vegan beauty products that are made with high quality, organic ingredients sourced from the highest quality farms and distilleries who use GMP and sustainable practices and never test on animals. Featuring a range that is free of gluten, aluminum, toxins, petroleum, phthalates, parabens, and contains no synthetic fragrances, Mint n Coco utilizes its healthcare background to source some of the highest quality natural ingredients in the world to formulate body care products that don’t just provide an aesthetic benefit, but that truly heal. Since I have become quite mindful about incorporating natural-based or organic products into certain aspects of my weekly routines, I decided to give their Bloom Organic Body Milk ($22 / 180 mL) a test run. I’ve been testing the body milk every day for the past few weeks and have been beyond thrilled with the results so far.


The Bloom Organic Body Milk is one of the most truly gentle, yet effective body moisturizers I have ever tried. It has a natural blend of wildcrafted chamomile flowers, pure rosehips, and soothing slippery elm that hydrates and nourishes the body from head to toe. This has a slightly thicker texture than a traditional body milk but is very lightweight and has a fluid, silky consistency which makes it much easier to distribute product across the body. It absorbs well into the skin, leaves skin feeling soft, and instantly soothes any dry spots or flakes without leaving behind a greasy or sticky film. The light, earthy scent is very soft and soothing and I find it really comforting especially when I apply this right before going to bed. After my first round with a complete organic-based body care routine, I felt like my skin was almost detoxing itself. Over the course of a solid week my skin looked much better and healthier, having a natural glow to itself but also felt lighter in a certain sense – which most of that I attribute to the Bloom Organic Body Milk.

The packaging is phenomenal – it’s very well designed, sturdy, has the right size/shape to hold easily in the hand. It also comes with a sturdy pump. The pump dispenses an even amount into the hand every time so even if you accidentally press too hard it won’t deposit wasted product. I have a huge appreciation for packaging that is functional and sturdy – I really like the way this bottle has been designed.

Below you can see how the milk looks dispensed. It appears to look like a regular body lotion but is so much lighter. I like how the milk does not separate or run and blends easily in the hands before you apply to the skin.

In all, this is a winner in my book. Going forward this will remain in my weekly bath & body routines as it is just what I need for not only a luxurious at-home spa experience, but to keep my skin in a healthy, flake-free and itch-free condition. While the temperatures have not significantly dropped here yet, the mix of lowering digits accompanied by sharp winds would usually already cause some dry spots or flakes to appear. Ever since I incorporated the Bloom Organic Body Milk daily, neither has occurred and it also completely stopped the intervals of itching I was already experiencing on my legs.

For those of you not familiar with Mint n Coco or their products, their mission is to develop and provide biodiverse, organic healing care products that help keep your body healthy – continuing the movement on integrative care by researching the latest in cellular health. After years in the healthcare industry, including mental health, Founder and formulator Gabriela Yvonne noticed a pattern in many of her clients’ health issues and how they treated their bodies. Between multiple physical as well as mental health issues that ranged from depression to thyroid issues, it became apparent that some of the most toxic chemicals were right there in their everyday products. An alarming trend among the body care industry is companies adding ingredients to their formulas that don’t require mention on the label. Mint n Coco believes in transparency and being honest about the ingredients going into their formulations. They believe in education and awareness so that consumers can make the best decision possible for their health and wellness.

If you’re interested in trying any of Mint n Coco’s products, they are offering a 15% off coupon of your first order by simply signing up for their newsletter.

Many thanks to Mint n Coco for sending the Bloom Organic Body Milk for review consideration. As always, opinions are my own.

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