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An Ode To Sunless Tanning

August 28, 2017

The perfect golden, sunkissed tan – a byproduct of spending endless days soaking in the sun while relishing in the seasonal luster of the after glow that sun salutations has awarded us with. While Fall might be right around the corner, I don’t know about you guys but I’m not ready to say goodbye to my Summer tan just because sweater weather will be making its grande arrival anytime soon. In order to preserve the radiant glow until next Spring, I go into self-tanning mode with products that have the capability and longevity so survive even the coldest of Winter days. The secret to extending your tan is to create a simple routine that is easy to maintain on the daily, and today I’m discussing the main ingredients as well as will be dishing out tips on how I keep my Summer tan in full effect.

Since my tan won’t be around forever, usually I do not even wait around for it to lighten up or fade all-together before I put my gradual tanning ritual into place. Instead, I try to build upon what is already there so it pretty much just becomes simple maintenance from there on out. Exfoliating skin is particularly essential before applying any self-tanning product since you need a healthy, smooth canvas for the goods to adhere to properly – plus it provides all around better application as well. I repeat exfoliating about every three to four days since my fake tan can do with some polishing up in terms of product collecting in certain areas, like the elbows, in order to remove some of that stubborn buildup gunk you can’t really smooth away using lotion. Currently I’m using the Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub and absolutely loving it. The Coconut Crush Scrub is infused with a unique blend of coconut oil, crushed Tahitian coconut shells and brown sugar to hydrate and buff dry, dull skin for a silky smooth, lit-from-within glow. It has fine to medium granules with a nice creamy base for effortless dispersing of product along the skin. The sugar portion dissolves after a little while of scrubbing and leaves the coconut bits to continue exfoliating. I love anything coconut scented and this smells like vacation in a tube, but is not overpowering. I will say beforehand that it can be quite hard to get anything squeezed out of the tube since coconut changes its consistency whether in cooler or warmer temperatures. Naturally when in cooler temps the consistency hardens so it requires a little warming up prior to have a fluid application.

A gradual tan is key to slowly building and enhancing color. Personally, I’m all about ease and convenience, so I need something that does not require 2 weeks to build or something that calls for a science degree since it develops in 8 hours and requires careful application in order for it to not look overdone or come out as sloppy. I need something that is right in between. For the best results, I like to build a base first using the Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse in Light Bronze, this is one of the most natural colors I’ve ever experienced in a gradual tanner since it has golden undertones instead of orange which of course suits my complexion better. One coat is seriously all I need for significant color payoff but still natural-looking, and I will use the mousse two days in a row to establish a solid color. While it is technically called a mousse, the super thin consistency of the Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse resembles the likes of a bubbly foam. I have to admit that this is my absolute favorite Natural Glow product from the Jergens family. The pump allows me to disperse the right amount of product into my hand, and usually 2 pumps gives me enough to coat my body in sections (think thighs, lower legs, etc.). The formula is lightweight, absorbs really quickly into the skin and does not smell like a chemical plant. Bonus, since it’s by Jergens you already know that it’s going to be hydrating and my skin feels soft and smooth after the product sets. It absorbs in 1 minute, but for a little bit afterwards skin feels a little tacky so I give it ample time to set and even out which is not longer than a full 10 minutes. The color stays in-tact for about 5 days before I have to return back to the mousse following a weekly scrubbing session.

In order to extend the color and to gradually enhance it, in between mousse applications I use the Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow Moisturizer in Medium To Tan. Doing this keeps the color from going 1-dimensional or from fading. Plus, I get to kick it up the overall color a notch without going into overkill, in fact I find that it softens it. The combination of these two gives me a custom, healthy glow that I’m nothing short but addicted to. Can you tell yet?

Rules are meant to be broken, and one rule I break every single year is wearing white well beyond Labor Day, including Winter – because honestly, there’s nothing more cozy than Winter whites. It’s a fail-safe, tried and tested trick for giving the illusion of tanner skin. Also, did you know that certain polish colors can instantly tan your hands? No self-tanner required, you can simply darken your hands by picking the right nail shades that instantly veil your hands in a faux glow. An inexpensive and fail-safe trick, the 4 shades with the best results are:

  • White: anything paler than you will automatically warm up your complexion
  • Gold: is a warm tone of metallic and will bring in the light
  • Red: universally the youth guru among nail polishes, a sultry red can color correct your skin and brings out the warmth at the same time
  • Nudes: you can go as pale as you want with your nudes as long as there is an undertone of gold flecks, or warm metallic shimmers (like copper or bronze) in the formula.

That wraps up my self-tanner routine! Do you have a year-round, or partially year-round self-tanning ritual? If so, what products do you use and recommend?

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