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Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks For Your Hands

August 18, 2017

Did you know that when it comes to aging our hands bear the absolute grunt of it all? While we all fuss and focus on our faces, necks, and hopefully the dècolletage area, our mitts are the final neglected parts of our bodies who suffer the most wear and tear. It’s mildly disconcerting when you think about that crow’s feet or a few sprouting gray hairs are not the forefront authority on the signs of aging, but the hands which are even more out in the open, on the flipside, are. Mainly because they prematurely age due to, well, considering all they do on a daily and extremely frequent basis. Just as much as you dedicate dosing your face and whatnot up on treatments and overall TLC, you should start considering incorporating your hands into your daily beauty routine as well. I’m not saying to invest in a $200 cream to keep up with the rapid and irreversible aging process – however, here are some precautionary measures you can take to at least slow it down and keep them in tip-top shape.


Personally, I exfoliate head-to-toe in the shower every other day or so to extend the lifespan of my shave. When I get to my arms I automatically include my hands, always have done so. Hands, just like the rest of our body, shed and collect dead skin cells sitting atop of the surface as well, so it calls for a good scrub in order to remove that top layer to unveil new skin. Think about all you put your hands through on a day-to-day basis, anywhere from touching to washing, it would only be fair to exfoliate these puppies into new proportions. You could fashion a DIY recipe of brown sugar, honey, and e.v.o.o., or you could purchase an exfoliating treatment. Currently I’m using the Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub and absolutely loving it. The Coconut Crush Scrub is infused with a unique blend of coconut oil, crushed Tahitian coconut shells and brown sugar to hydrate and buff dry, dull skin for a silky smooth, lit-from-within glow. It has fine to medium granules with a nice creamy base for effortless dispersing of product along the skin. The sugar portion dissolves after a little while of scrubbing and leaves the coconut bits to continue exfoliating. I love anything coconut scented and this smells like vacation in a tube, but is not overpowering. I will say beforehand that it can be quite hard to get anything squeezed out of the tube since coconut changes its consistency whether in cooler or warmer temperatures. Naturally when in cooler temps the consistency hardens so it requires a little warming up prior to have a fluid application.


An extra step that I have incorporated into my daily after-shower routine is masking my hands. I have been using the Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Mask. This is a anti-aging cream mask enriched with superfood ingredients to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles while visibly firming skin. Since I have been absolutely blown away by the instant results on my complexion, I thought it would be great for use on the hands and literally, afterwards it was like years had been lifted.


Take a rich hand cream, body lotion, or a beauty oil, and sit down to massage the product into the hands until it is semi-absorbed, then allow air-drying to absorb the remainder. If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, then by now you know my gospel: hydrated and supple skin is healthy and younger-looking skin – this accounts for all parts of the body. Whether you do so with avid water consumption or slathering yourself in some kind of lotion, your hands will show that you’re lacking in the hydration department more so than a dull complexion will. If you’re looking for hand cream recommendations, in this previous post I rounded up my favorite formulas for different aspects, including hydration, nourishing and anti-aging.


If you really think about, besides your face, your hands are the most exposed to the sun’s rays due to everyday mundane tasks like driving. Holding the steering wheel your hands are exposed to the light wherever it hits, so naturally it’s super important to include them while applying an SPF all over your body. When I spray my arms in the SPF I have designated for everything below the neck, which is of course the Coola Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 in Tropical Coconut, I disperse the product by massaging it into my arms and taking in the tops of the hands.

Fake It

Certain nail polish shades can instantly make your hands look younger. The #1 nail color that does this, is red. Shades of scarlet are the universal youth gurus, and color correct the skin tone while bringing out the warmth of your skin. Plus, red is a year-round shade and classic all at the same time, can’t go wrong here! Also, did you know that certain polish colors can instantly tan your hands? No self-tanner required, you can simply darken your hands by picking the right nail shades that instantly veil your hands in a faux glow. An inexpensive and fail-safe trick, the 4 shades with the best results are:

  • White: anything paler than you will automatically warm up your complexion
  • Gold: is a warm tone of metallic and will bring in the light
  • Red: universally the youth guru among nail polishes, a sultry red can color correct your skin and brings out the warmth at the same time
  • Nudes: you can go as pale as you want with your nudes as long as there is an undertone of gold flecks, or warm metallic shimmers (like copper or bronze) in the formula.

That wraps up my preventative anti-aging tips for the hands! I hope you found this helpful in case you were thinking of doing something among those lines or maybe you never even thought about it until now. I love experimenting and discovering new ways to beauty, most of which takes place while procrastinating after my showers. I have been incorporating this hand care routine on a daily basis for a few years now, it’s only been recent that I have discovered a mask as effective as the Youth To The People one so it has made a tremendous difference in how the texture of my hands appear which also contributes to the overall age of them. If you have any added tips or product recommendations, please don’t hesitate to share them with me below in the notes!

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