Face Mists In Rotation

August 10, 2017

Face mists play a huge part in my skincare regimen. In fact, I can’t think of a more versatile beauty investment. What is starting to look like the beginning of an excessive collection, my addiction to face mists has almost become a running joke around our house since I have a tendency to stash one (or two) bottles in every single room, not counting the one permanently boarding in my purse. But, I stand firmly by my obsession because incorporating an actual face mist into my routine has done a lot for me and my complexion as they’re a whole lot more than just splashing water on the face.

Right now more than ever, face mists are having a moment and they’re only going to become more popular as we’re about to enter the hottest month of Summer. Using a good facial mist will provide a refreshing, soothing and cooling effect on the skin which in return delivers various skin benefits like instant hydration, calms down redness or irritation caused by the outside elements, relieving the complexion from sweat, and so much more. Not only do they soothe the skin but also makes it glow with an even and balanced tone.

There are so many different categories of mists currently on the market that it can be quite overwhelming to find something that will work for you. That being said, when looking for a mist the number one priority for finding the right formula is to always go by your skin type. Yes, even when it comes to face mists you should take skin type into consideration. The truth of the matter is, face mists are not just simply souped-up waters drawn from the faucet rendered as a one-kind-suits-all deal. Most sprays have a specific aim based on their ingredients, whether it’s adding hydration, a quick refresher or wake up call, fighting acne, toning, soothing inflammation, contributing to the makeup process, etc. There’s so much you can do with face mists. It’s an incredibly versatile beauty product that I personally reach for every single day, multiple times per day.

However you decide on factoring in a spray into your daily routine, the most important thing to do is choose the right formula based on your skin type and what goals you have for it. Stay away from obviously potential harmful ingredients, like too much alcohol or preservatives which can be drying or may cause some sort of reaction. Today I have gathered together my favorite face mists currently in rotation along with tips, product recommendations and the purpose for each one.

Pearlessence Rose Water Face Mist is an amazing facial spray. It’s that perfect extra pick-me-up purely formulated with a fusion of fragrant herbal and botanical extracts. It dispenses a fine mist that is very delicately fragranced in a subtle rosy scent. It’s really good at instantly refreshing, hydrating and cooling down the skin. This is my go-to for bare-face days. If I have to run out the house real quick I will spritz this on, or if I’m spending the day inside I will mist my face a couple of times throughout the day just to have something on my face.

Pearlessence Cucumber Water Face Mist is the best for me these days with this warm weather, especially after being out in the sun for a period of time. Cucumber and water mix really well to rehydrate and moisturize the skin, plus cucumber helps to calm down the redness I tend to get when exposed to the elements. While not my everyday bare face spray, this mist is specifically designated to reinvigorate my complexion as part of my after-sun care routine. Whenever I’m either sitting in a car too long (even with the AC blasting) or am anywhere near the outside elements, due to irritation I tend to turn very red in the cheeks as well as along the bridge of nose so basically I have this big red W across my face. The cooling effects of cucumber are a natural, gentle way to heal the skin and makes the perfect anti-inflammatory compound to soothe every skin type and complexion since it’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist is a hydrating facial toner featuring coconut water, Bulgarian rose and hibiscus. This is good for all skin types and is formulated with coconut water, which rehydrates the skin and provides a new glow. Hibiscus flower works to provide natural exfoliation, speeds up cell turnover and helps skin maintain moisture. Bulgarian rose is hydrating and high in antioxidants and great at reducing redness and inflammation. At first I was under the impression that this face mist was like most others and you kind of just spray it on afterwards but instead you’re supposed to shake before use, spritz your face a few times and massage it in. It’s recommended for use after cleansing but before applying moisturizer. Once I started following these exact directions is when I saw the true benefits of this spray. My skin feels supremely hydrated and looks very naturally glowy each time I use it.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a fine mist moisturizer that can be used under or over makeup for dewy glowing skin. This has been on my wishlist for a while and naturally, I’ve fallen head over heels for it once I received it in the Sephora Favorites Skin Super Foods set. I use it on my bare face like a regular facial spray if I want my complexion to look a tad bit extra in the luminosity department. I love how fresh it is and how my face feels after I spray it on. It makes my face look dewy and moisturized, plus the scent is simply heavenly.

Caudalie Grape Water is another great treatment for calming certain skin concerns like soothing rosacea, reducing redness and sensitivity, and calming rashes. If I know that I’m going to be exposed to the heat and sun for a while in advance, this is the spray I keep in my bag to refresh throughout the day so I’m not walking around with flawless makeup ruined by that big red W I mentioned prior. Rich in moisturizing polysaccharides, mineral salts, and potassium, Grape Water provides an immediate benefit of improved hydration and diminished skin sensitivity upon use. According to Caudalie, this is also suitable for sensitive skin but since I cannot attest to that fact I suggest doing a test run in stores first to make sure you will not experience any reactions. Caudalie Grape Water is one of the best refreshing toner mists that I have tried. This toner is perfect for dry heat as well as humidity and helps calm, hydrate and soothe the skin.

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Mist enriched with Immortelle floral water, is a fresh and light mist aimed to moisturize and revitalize the skin instantly. L’Occitane’s Immortelle line is more preventative in treatment for emerging wrinkles and this mist leaves my skin looking very radiant and supple all the while feeling super hydrated and refreshed. This spray has a soothing, subtle floral scent as found in other Immortelle products. I like that it is gentle and is one of my favorite midday pick-me-ups.

That concludes my face mist collection as of this moment. I’m always researching and looking into adding more so of course I would love to hear which mists you depend on for added hydration and skincare benefits!

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