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My Everyday Summer Base Routine

July 25, 2017

By popular request, today I have a roundup of my everyday Summer base. For those of you who are not yet familiar with minor details about moi, I live in Las Vegas where the weather is scorching, sunny and did I mention scorching, for most of the year. We’re in the middle of Summer which means that daily degrees vary between 105 – 125 in dry heat format. That being said, it is July which marks Monsoon season and that means many days will now have unforgiving humidity levels alongside the scorching temps. I’ve had a few 4 AM mornings going to work that it was so hot and damp that it felt like I was being wrapped in a pile of hot towels straight out of the dryer. Awesome during Winter, not so much right now. While the sheer discomfort factor of the heat + humidity marriage makes me slightly angry at the world especially at 4 in the morning, I never really worry about my makeup budging because lucky for me I’ve lived here my whole life so I nailed a pretty good meltproof and heatproof base routine quite some time ago.

Regardless of all the proper precautions, wearing all the right products, and trying your hardest to stay cool, but in the end a little sweat is usually inevitable. Whenever you start to feel a little slip happening somewhere, don’t panic. You can always reblend traveling bronzer, blush, highlighter, even tinted moisturizer/foundation. Always make sure that whenever you leave the house that you are armed to the teeth with blotting papers, q-tips and a travel-size version of your go-to setting spray. I’m the type of person who does not break a sweat easily but when I do, it’s all over although my face usually does not get it that bad except for a serious around-the-hairline situation. Even though the weather here can get extreme at times, the reality is that I am rarely outside for long consecutive hours unless I’m poolside somewhere. Otherwise, on the daily I’m dodging from a car with AC to a building with AC. Below I have my base essentials rounding up what I’ve tested and note what I’ve found wears the best for my everyday life and weather circumstances.

Up first is my number one SPF for the face, the Farmacy Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Echinacea GreenEnvy. I, like most, find it so hard to find a good SPF that ticks all the boxes. It has a creamy texture and white color but doesn’t leave a white film on the face. This one is free of skin-irritating chemicals and has a soothing feel. It’s formulated to shield the skin from overexposure to sunlight and pollution. It also helps guard against free radicals emitted from smart phones and computers, which can lead to accelerated photo aging. It’s light allowing skin to breathe, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, does not pill and dries down to a semi- matte finish working very well alone or under makeup. For my skin who likes to misbehave every now and then, this is one of most gentle yet effective physical sunscreens I’ve tried.

As for my primer, I still cannot rave enough about the J.One Jelly Pack (reviewed here). This is amazing if you have textured/pore-like skin or if you have pronounced laugh lines and emphasized forehead creases. It melts on your skin, firming, smoothing and erasing every single pore, fine line, and wrinkle – even acne scars. This lightweight primer has withstood the many perils of extreme dry heat and instant perspiration so far this season. What I like to do with my primer is mix in a drop of Marc Jacobs Dew Drops (reviewed here) or Tom Ford Fire Lust (reviewed here) for an added gorgeous, natural-looking lit-from-within glow.

Next are the actual color bases which are labeled as foundations. Truthfully, there’s nothing more I’d love than to wear a BB or CC cream for the season – alas, they just don’t give me the coverage I feel I need in order to be comfortable. MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour (reviewed here) is about as sheer of a color base as I am willing to go. This is a super sheer tinted liquid foundation that contains just enough pigment to lightly even out the complexion while allowing skin to breathe. I would compare the coverage to a tinted moisturizer or a light BB cream; it’s sheer but is still able to balance any unevenness and cancel out any redness in the skin, however, in the end will not cover blemishes or light scarring. I really like this foundation for how forgiving it is in terms of color and undertone but unfortunately right now I’ve outgrown shade Medium and have to upgrade to Medium Plus.

Natasha Denona’s Face Glow Foundation (reviewed here) is a long-lasting light to medium coverage foundation that works well in this heat. Shade 45 Medium-Neutral matches my skin tone the best as of right now. This is a luminous foundation as it leaves a natural, dewy effect on the skin. Initially out the tube the foundation is light but is buildable to achieve a medium finish.

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (reviewed here) is hands down my most-worn foundation base. It offers medium to full buildable coverage and my shade Vallauris could not be more perfect for my skintone. The foundation blends easily and covers my face exactly how I desire it without getting a cakey or marionette look. It has a slight dew factor to it and lasts an impressive amount of time without any form of budging.

For the under-eyes, I’ve been all about the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (my shade is: NW20) because this is the only concealer that covers my dark circles instantly while not settling into lines or looks dry after a few hours. It’s very pigmented but blends beautifully – formula is pretty heatproof too.

During the Summer I tend to stay away from face powders completely, even forfeiting on wearing my precious Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light (reviewed here) – however, when highlighting with concealer I do feel the need to set those areas and for that I always use my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (reviewed here). This is a super weightless, oil-free very fine loose powder that brightens the under-eye as well as other highlighted areas without settling into lines or pores. The powder itself is white but doesn’t leave behind a pale cast on the face. I love this powder for the brightening effects but love it even more for not once settling into fine lines.

Lastly on my base list is the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (reviewed here). While I trust my other favorite setting mists to get me through the day, the UD All Nighter is just unsurpassed in its performance. The value of a good setting mist is in its ability to deliver results of that it actually “sets” the makeup and prevents it from moving, literally keeping your face in place all day. An important contributor. Second, that it delivers hydration powered by a nourishing formula to keep your skin dewy and healthy while product sits on/in your pores for hours upon hours. Bonus points for Urban Decay, because it delivers on both. Developed in an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, this mist sets the tone of difference between a regular setting spray doing its given job, and one that goes beyond that call of duty. Featuring a patented Temperature Control Technology, it’s actually supposed to lower the temperature of your makeup to keep it all in place – even in the face of sweltering conditions and trust me when I say that this is Vegas approved. It’s a classically, refreshing lightweight mist but takes that extra step of adding nourishment for a smoother canvas with its application.

Finding a good base repertoire is going to be a challenge depending on where you live and how the Summer season plays out in your area. Even though results may definitely be different, I hope this roundup was somewhat helpful to you. While Las Vegas is mostly consistent with its weather pattern, every now and then it can throw a curve ball like a severe heat advisory or a flood warning out of nowhere. For the Summer my base remains fairly much the same for the everyday or may fluctuate depending on the occasion.

What are some of your base essentials for the season?

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