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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

July 24, 2017

The latest addition to Urban Decay’s Naked series is the new Naked Heat Palette ($54 / 12 x 0.05 oz – 1.3 g + a dual-ended brush). Inspired by Wende Zomnir’s (Urban Decay’s co-founder) obsession with the standalone shade Riff, the palette was based on the tone of a singular color and Zomnir’s desire to evolve the various iterations of such into an actual Naked palette. When I first saw previews online I was worried none of the colors would suit me since they rather fall outside of my comfort zone of neutrals. But the more swatches I saw as well as different angles of the palette, Naked Heat started to grow on me and I was able to fetch this glorious creation during an app-early access day on Sephora. The Naked Heat Palette has a really good mix of neutrals and richer sultry shades, all of which layer beautifully together.

Naked Heat contains 12 all new scorched neutrals housed in a magnetic mirrored compact. Out of all the Naked 12 Pan Palettes, this release has hands down the best packaging. It’s super sleek and overall has an almost 70’s -esque … getting a Miami Vice vibe, ultra cool reflective coppery/bronze exterior with a nice sturdy feel. The lid features an exquisite plastic inlay consisting of 3D vertical lines and beveled logo. Included is a dual-ended synthetic eyeshadow brush. One end has a fluffy tapered blending brush and the other has a fairly large and fluffy shader brush. While the brush appears almost the same as previous releases, it seems just a slight bit improved as I find that it picks up more product than I have encountered with brushes from the Naked 1 and 2 Palettes.

Featuring an impressive range of trendy terracottas, oranges, reds, coppers, bronzes and more amber-based shades, Naked Heat satisfies the craving for both warm neutrals as well as richer, more vibrant colors creating endless looks that can be taken from day to night or for whatever occasion. Per Urban Decay, the colors found in previous palette releases and singles alike are typically luxuriously creamy, soft and buttery smooth once you apply them. They almost feel like velvet with often bits of powder that can fall off the brush but once color is on the lid it stays put. However, the textures in this palette while substantial seem to be a bit drier yet are quite strongly pigmented with semi- to full opaque coverage depending on the color, also are very blendable as well as buildable. Wear time is on-par with what we have come to the expect from the UD Naked series, lasting for well over eight hours with almost no fallout from the shimmer shades except for maybe a stray flake here and there.

A look at the color selection and descriptions as I see them

Ounce – is a warm, light golden beige and has a subtle pearl shimmer finish. This shade has semi- opaque coverage.
Chaser – is a warm, light brown with peach undertones and has a matte finish. This shade has semi to full opaque coverage.
Sauced – is a warm, medium brown with orange undertones and has a matte finish. This shade is fully opaque and has a gorgeous color payoff.

Low Blow – is a warm, medium brown with orange undertones and has a matte finish. This shade is fully opaque.
Lumbre – is a warm, medium copper with red undertones and has a shimmery metallic finish. This color comes with a golden pearl shift.
He Devil – is a warm, medium to deep brown with strong red undertones and has a matte finish. This shade is fully opaque and is borderline intense on the pigmentation scale.

Dirty Talk – is a warm, medium to deep copper with both brown and orange undertones and has a metallic sheen. This shade is fully opaque.
Scorched – is a warm, medium to deep red with brown undertones with golden micro shimmer and has a metallic sheen. This shade is fully opaque.
Cayenne – is a warm, medium to deep terracotta and has a matte finish. This shade has semi to full opaque coverage.

En Fuego – is a warm, medium to deep burgundy with reddish undertones and has a matte finish. This shade is semi opaque. The texture of this particular color is very stiff as a result from the drier formulation making it nearly impossible to work with. In order to blend out any edges I really had to put in some elbow grease. While the overall color is beautiful, I wish it was as easy to work with as the rest of the palette.
Ashes – is a warm, medium to deep red with brown undertones and has a matte finish. Aside from En Fuego, this by far is the most difficult shade to work with as it has virtually no color deposit due to the firmer consistency and is impossible to properly blend out. It does not work on its own and in fact only seems to cooperate in combination with the other shades found in this palette, specifically the matte ones.
Ember – is a warm, medium to deep copper/bronze burgundy with olive undertones and has a shimmery metallic sheen. This shade is fully opaque.

Out of the entire Naked Palette series, my top favorite is still the Naked 1, however Naked Heat is actually tied with the Naked 2 for second place. Naked Heat is quite amazing and since I really adore the others, I do find it a must-have for any Urban Decay lover. The colors are simply breathtaking, this coming from someone who does neutrals only and the palette offers a nice balance between safer neutrals as well as more bolder colors that are on a completely new level. Just like its predecessors, this palette has enough versatility to take a look from day to night, for any occasion. I will admit though that in the beginning I had a minor struggle trying to find a common ground and utilize the colors effectively in terms of them flowing together cohesively. The deeper browns ran together to the point where they could get lost next to each other in practice as there was almost no distinction in color or contrast. I felt like it needed a more stronger presence in shimmer-based colors like the Naked 1 has. Albeit, it had a small learning curve for me, I ended up totally falling in love with this palette. The warm, sultry nature harmonizes so beautifully with my skin tone that I seriously can’t get enough of it. I give this palette two huge thumbs up.

I’ve been waiting for a new Naked palette to launch, since I never purchased the Smokey version nor the Naked 3. For one I thought that the Smokey translated too cool and the Naked 3 had too much pink in it for my taste – this palette is filled with those warm, rich shades that have been hot for the past year or so. At first glance, the general color scale embodies Summer mood to a finetuned note, but, is actually part of Urban Decay’s Fall 2017 collection – and you know what that means? It will be the ultimate Fall pumpkin spice palette come first sign of Autumn!

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette is a permanent member of the Naked Palette family and is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, Urban Decay’s official website and Macy’s.

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