Fall 2017 Makeup

Becca Cosmetics Light Chaser Highlighter & Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss

July 3, 2017

For Fall 2017, Becca Cosmetics has launched an otherworldly collection for the eyes, cheeks and lips with the new Light Chaser Highlighters ($34 / 0.23 oz – 6.5 g) and Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses ($22 / 0.17 oz – 5 g). Inspired by the kaleidoscopic makeup trend and chasing the eternal glow, each 6-piece shade range holds a transformative formula that shifts color as it catches the light to create a captivating color and luminosity with a duochrome finish.

The Light Chaser Highlighters are multi-dimensional powder-based highlighters that have a duochrome sheen and are said to be the perfect marriage of kaleidoscopic color and light. Each shade is infused with kaleidoscopic pearls that captures light for the brightest glow while shifting shades as you move. I picked up the colors Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini and Pearl Flashes Gold as I thought these would work in harmony with my medium complexion. For me, these appear the best when layered with other products like bronzers and blushes or worn on the eyes for a gorgeous luster. Compared to Becca’s permanent line of highlighters, in terms of intensity the new Light Chaser Highlighters are quite subtle in nature when blended. Texture overall is smooth with powder being easy to pick and diffuse. That being said, the formula is not as smooth nor creamy as one has come to virtually expect from Becca. Nonetheless, they do wear beautifully.

A look at the color selection and descriptions as I see them

Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini – is a warm peach with yellow undertones that shifts to a pink.

Pearl Flashes Gold – is a cool white gold with yellow undertones that shifts to a slight warmer gold.

Swatched on the arm

The Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses are available in coordinating colors with the Light Chaser Highlighters. Inspired by raw gemstones melted into liquid form, kaleidoscopic pearls shift shades as they catch the light to create a multidimensional, high-gloss finish. The formula of these have a sheer to semi- sheer color payoff with a moderate to intense shimmery, sparkle finish and are not quite as shifting in their shimmer/pearl. The glosses have a predominant transparent base, allowing natural lip color to show through. While these could be worn on their own, I find them suited best layered over top other lip products so the shimmers are not quite as dramatic. Texture overall is thin, lightweight and they are just the slightest bit tacky. Product dispersed evenly and effortlessly across the lips and wore very comfortable with moisturizing properties. These are scented with a sweet coconut and vanilla fragrance which does fade after a few minutes without leaving behind a taste. Lasting power is fairly average for a gloss with a good three hour wear time.

For this post I am forfeiting lip swatches. Unfortunately the glosses do not contain enough color pigment to remotely subdue my natural lip color, in return images showed up like I was simply wearing a very shiny, very shimmery gloss. Having both the mostly transparent base and reflective pearls play a factor, I was not able to capture how I see the shades in real life. Hence, I personally prefer to layer them for added shine. So for now I will stick only to arm swatches. To best describe how the gloss format translates in real-time is that they are exactly as how you see them in the tube, super sparkly.

A look at the color selection and descriptions as I see them

Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini – is a warm peach with gold flecks and has pink and green pearl. Has a moderate shimmer factor.

Pearl Flashes Gold – is a cool, very light gold with subtle yellow undertones and has medium golden pearl. Has less of a shimmer factor but due to the thinner consistency makes the sparkle appear quite large.


Swatched on the arm

Bottom line, this is an excellent launch and I love the items I managed to pick up during app-only early access on Sephora. The highlighters are absolutely gorgeous, albeit I am quite conservative with my makeup choices and these are not exactly colors I’d wear on an everyday basis, when applied correctly the multifaceted hues can be very flattering even with the mix of various pearls. Quality-wise, these powders are absolutely excellent and the two shades I have are pretty solid. Despite that these are not what we have come to expect from Becca in terms of intensity or texture, I still rank them quite high on the must-have scale for the glow junkie. As far as the glosses are concerned, I’m kind of on the fence. To me they are mostly like shimmery glosses and are not quite true duochrome shifts. Especially during this time of year, my lippie preference goes towards glosses and I was really excited to see something different than just the average shimmer-infused gloss rolling out. Needless to say I was a tad dissapointed to find virtually no color pigment and been using them primarily as lip toppers because they do add a nice glossy sheen to any lip product.

You can find the Becca Light Chaser collection exclusively at Sephora, in stores, online and online at Becca Cosmetics.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

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