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Flip-Flop Ready With My Personal Summer Foot Care Routine

June 28, 2017

Life in flip-flops is quite common growing up and living in a city the likes of Las Vegas. With approximately a combined 9 months out of the year of Summer-like weather, depending on the year, you’re hard-pressed to recollect the last time the weather report called for a jacket to be worn to work. Sunshine and pressing dry heat being the eternally unbridled imminent high-heat state of living in Southern Nevada, accommodating your sanity with hell-weather preparedness by dressing the part is absolutely pivotal. Recommended, really. Aside from denim shorts and sleeveless tops galore decorating the pavements in a cool 116 on a Tuesday, flip-flops are really everyone’s footwear of choice – including mine. Flip-flops to me embody the spirit of those lazy days of Summer, plus, they are low-maintenance footwear picks that still have the capability to look stylish while keeping one cool. As delightful as flip-flops are to walk around in, a major caveat of walking in them all day everyday over time are dry, cracked heels especially around the rim of the heel. This in addition to general dryness, cracks and whatnot lined along the soles that sometimes comes with a side of discomfort. Feet have a tendency to dry out significantly in warmer weather, throw walking around in (thong) sandal material (rubber, leather, plastic, etc) into the mix with a dash of natural perspiration for a few months and when neglected in the foot care department, your feet will look anything but ready for a closeup.

Fortunately, since I’ve survived so many Summers here thus far, I’m quite familiar with what I like to term as “flip-flop feet” as well as a few home remedies to provide added relief. For foot care, I have a tendency to switch it up quite a bit because I feel there’s always something more potent out there or better methods to incorporate. Throughout the week I typically stick with the bare basics only massaging a nourishing moisturizer into them, and then once a week I will perform my little scrub bath to nurture and improve the look, feel and overall health of my feet.

Up first a look at the products I use and then I’ll go into a short talk-through tutorial on how I go about caring for my feet so they look cute in my gladiators all Summer long!

  • Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Himalayan Salt – is 100% Himalayan Salt, which is a ‘A’ grade rock salt and naturally contains over 80 minerals for smooth and radiant skin. This is a standard bath soak but I personally only use it to soak my feet to soften the skin in order to take a pummice sponge to them.
  • Pummice Sponge – I find a lot a more gentle than a traditional pummice stone. I don’t necessarily have heavily calleused feet, I simply need something that quickly exfoliates and buffs away dead skin, etc., and I find that this sponge does the trick. I purchased this sponge at my local Marshalls, they literally have a treasure trove of at-home mani/pedi tools and products, I could literally spend hours in there just looking at everything.
  • Sephora Collection Aloe Vera Foot Mask – is a soothing and comforting single-use pair that offers targeted active ingredient to nourish, relax, and address general foot concerns. These are very easy to use, just slip them on and go about your business. Feet are noticeably hydrated afterwards and feel much softer … like they underwent an actual professional pedicure instead of my homegrown session. The serum does not leave a greasy or slippery film behind after it is massaged into the feet so no worries about testing gravity at some point.
  • SPApharma Coconut Foot Cream With Dead Sea Mineral – has become my substitute in lieu of using regular coconut oil as my everyday moisturizer. I absolutely love coconut oil but found that it dries too slowly even before going to bed. In the morning my side of the sheets would be sticky even when I thought my feet had absorbed all of the oil, a feeling I’m definitely not a fan of. This moisturizer soothes and repairs dry skin and provides extreme nourishment for even damaged skin on the heels and general foot area.

Now onto how I go about maintaining my feet. I do this little soak once a week usually on a Friday night so I can push the perpetual reset button on my feet before parading them outside the following day.

Step 1: softening the skin. Before I absolutely do anything to my feet, I soak them for a good 20 minutes in warm water mixed with the Himalayan Salt. I will fill up my bath tub just enough to where they are submerged and pour 2 cups of the salt in there. Even though I’m personally not taking a bath, this soak alone is very relaxing as I can feel the stress literally melting away. Feet are natural pressure points and either soaking them in a little spa-like setting or massaging them does wonders for the rest of the body, as well as mind.

Step 2: exfoliate feet. Now that the skin has softened, I wet the sponge and in small circular motions rub it gently over the problem areas. Rinse and repeat until I find they are smooth enough.

Step 3: masking. Once they are exfoliated, washed and dried, I will slide them into the masks and go about watching Netflix. According to the directions you leave them on for a good 15-20 minutes but sometimes I get lost in a good show and all of a sudden it’s been an hour. After removing the masks, I massage whatever serum is left into them.

And that wraps up my personal foot care post. A few side notes on this foot care post. I am not a professional in any sense of the word. Based on my own practices, these steps as well as products work for me but that does not necessarily mean they may work for you. If you have chronic dry feet, painful corns or uncomfortable calluses, I highly suggest going in for a pedicure to get them evaluated and perhaps even fixed. Visiting a professional can actually work miracles for the overall health of your feet, especially when becoming ritualistic about going. A frequent pedicure can help nurture the feet and improve both the look and health of them over time.

I hope you found this roundup helpful! With foot care there are quite a few options on the market and with a little bit of research the hunt to find what’s good for your personal issues becomes slightly more effortless. If you have any tips, tricks, a hack and holy grail products, as well I’d love to hear about them so please share them in the notes!

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