Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss Trio

June 19, 2017

Make Up For Ever recently launched an exclusive and limited edition Artist Plexi Gloss Trio ($25 / 3 x 0.23 oz – 7 mL) available in three varieties. These are a fun lip gloss set that features three full-size Artist Plexi-Glosses ($20 individually) in sheer and opaque shades. With a different hue for every mood and moment, the trios are offered in three color options ranging from a nude harmony to cheerfully bright and electrifyingly bold. I have a review and swatches of all 9 colors here for you today.

There are well over 30 shades of Artist Plexi-Gloss in MUFE’s lineup at the moment. For the trios, colors have been divided into a Nude, Brights and Bolds edition consisting of nine of MUFE’s best selling shades. These have sheer to medium finish in terms of pigment and look very natural on the lips. The texture is slightly thick and sticky which may sound unappealing to some but they wear really comfortably on the lips and the consistency has them stay put for well over four hours before fading. It states that the glosses are packed with Plexi Color Technology to deliver up to five hours of color impact while 360-degree, reflective shine beads maximize shine. You can layer for more color but depending on the shade the overall finish is sheer-medium. I personally like most of these layered on top of lipstick or a liner because they add the best kind of sheen to enhance any base color. What I like best about the lighter and brighter colors is that they apply smooth and are not patchy – many lighter colors have a tendency to either turn patchy or settle into my deeper lip lines and I need some kind of base to make them work. I did encounter some issues with the bolder colors as they were kind of runny and caused mild bleeding. Below I have swatched all colors on bare lips with two layers so you can see how the colors look by themselves as well as the pigment to shine ratio.

A look at the color selection and descriptions as I see them


100 – is a cool, light beige with yellow undertones and has a pearl finish. This shade runs sheer
101 – is a warm, light nude beige with subtle peachy undertones. This shade runs sheer-medium
104 – is a warm, medium brown beige with reddish/brown undertones. This shade runs medium


102 – is a warm, light beige with peachy/slight orange undertones and has a pearl finish. This shade runs sheer
206 – is a cool, light to medium pink with a hint of blue undertones. This shade runs sheer-medium
304 – is a warm, light to medium coral with deep red undertones. This shade runs medium


208 – is a warm, light to medium pink-tinted lilac with subtle yellow undertones and has a pearl finish. This shade runs sheer
209 – is a cool, medium fuchsia with pink undertones. This shade runs sheer-medium
500 – is a cool, medium purple with slight blue undertones. This shade runs medium

Swatched on the lips. For skin tone reference, I am not wearing any foundation and am completely barefaced here. My skin tone is medium with pink undertones.

Bottom line, these are solid performers and overall really good glosses. They’re very pigmented with gorgeous sheen finishes and the shade range is impressive with fun, playful colors that look natural on the lips. If you don’t like anything sticky or tacky, these may be a bit too thick for your taste. With that said, I have to admit that they are quite sticky, more sticky than most lip glosses but that stickiness is what makes them long wearing and for me it’s not so bad that it is intolerable to wear them. While I’m pleased with the formula, if there’s one thing I could change it would be the wand design. The wand itself is a great design concept albeit poorly executed as it is quite flimsy in character causing color application to often times be inconsistent. I usually remove the wand quickly from the tube and glide it across the lips – if deposit is streaky, I will go in for a second swipe and then use my finger to dab color into submission.

The Trios are no longer available on Sephora but they do have the Artist Plexi-Glosses up for grabs individually if you’d like to check them out!

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