Belif First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask

June 7, 2017

As my skin has began adjusting to the return of dry and scorching heat, a recent installment of impromptu over 100 degree weather accompanied by little air movement in a multiple day succession proved that amping up the hydrating this season will be key and absolutely necessary. With each passing introduction to the Summer season, my normal/dry complexion goes through an adjustment phase where the still air and dry heat virtually sucks the life out of my skin rendering it in crops of dry flakes especially around the nose, cheeks and forehead areas. While increasing my weekly sheet mask ritual as well as converting all applicable skincare to a strict hydration-only diet calls as the remedy, there’s one area that has been struggling for years to keep up and that is my general eye area. Susceptible to the effects of extreme heat, it’s been quite a process to find skincare that truly performs and makes a noticeable difference when it comes to my eye area. Manifesting itself through emphasized lines caused by dryness and dehydration, not to mention the discomfort that carries along with that since the skin is sensitive to the touch, I’ve tried just about every eye this or that on the market as well as turning up the volume on my daily water intake – in short, nothing seemed to work and it is not until we enter the unofficial Winter season before normalcy is restored. For my day-to-day complexion routines I turn to the perpetual magic of the Japanese and Korean beauty markets, which I wholly swear by. So, when all-natural Korean beauty brand, Belif, released the First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask ($36 / 0.84 oz – 25 mL), the description sounded right up my alley so I decided to give it a test run. I’ve been testing this since March, incorporating it into my everyday nightly skincare routine and have been absolutely thrilled with the results.

The First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask is a leave-on, intensively moisturizing mask with a pudding-like texture that provides 360-degree eye care for delicate and sensitive eye areas. It has a cooling and hydrating formula that instantly cools, relieves puffy and tired eyes and prevents visible wrinkles by improving the resilience of the skin around the eye by replenishing its moisture levels. Following eye cream, you apply a generous layer massaging product by pressing down on the six acupuncture points (two under the eye area, two at the corners of your eyes, and two over the eyelids) around the eye in a 360-degree motion. Doing this really boosts the effects of the 360 Eye Care Mask and it feels as if any type of fatigue or tightness in the area completely dissipates. It’s such a relaxing practice.

Recommended use is at least two to four times a week, morning or night, for the best results. When I first started using this I abided by this rule and have slowly increased usage to seven days per week as I noticed results from the first time. To me, the formula is very gentle as there is no stinging where applied. Personally, I like to use the mask during my evening routine so it allows my skin to fully absorb the formula overnight and doing so has helped with radiance, brightness and maintaining moisture levels. From the first use my general eye area looked noticeably brighter, more supple and the wrinkles caused by dryness had decreased tremendously in appearance. By night four, they had completely disappeared and even my dark circles started to look lighter.

A small amount is all you need to cover both eyes. I have been using this jar since March and have barely made a dent in it. There is a slight, subtle citrus scent to it but is definitely not heavily fragranced. It has a lightweight pudding-like consistency that adheres well to the skin and absorbs beautifully. Before using the mask, Belif recommends you apply a eye cream since the leave-on mask boosts the efficacy of any daily eye cream applied beforehand.

Overall this is definite winner in my book and has been a total game changer. Like the Aquabomb moisturizer from Belif (talked about in this post), this product is soothing, can be used morning and night and smells very pleasant. The First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask is hands down pure love for me. It has been part of my daily routine since March and I have no intend on changing that. My general eye area has brightened up so much and feels/looks ten times more hydrated causing the wrinkles due to dryness to disappear. While I have no real expectations that my dark circles will go away completely any time soon, because genes, they have tremendously lightened up since I’ve been diligent about incorporating the mask into my routine. This is my second product from Belif and I have to say that I’m starting to love this entire brand from price point to performance.

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