Tatcha The Water Cream

May 15, 2017

I’ve been intrigued by both Korean as well as Japanese skincare for quite some time now and have played with items here and there incorporating new bits into my skincare routine. What went from a simple exploration with essences and sheet masks has blossomed into a full-blown mission to overhaul most of my, if not entire complexion repertoire. As I continue to tour more lotions, potions and the various arts of layering, hand techniques, etc. with the goal of maximizing skin hydration, the more I realize my skin has never looked better since I started this quest. Dabbling in practices ranging from the “7 Skin Method” to the 10 Step Korean Skincare ritual to utilizing special cotton pads to apply certain products only, the results are singing their virtues and it’s been inexplicably difficult not to become addicted. Powering my recent obsession is Tatcha’s latest, The Water Cream ($68 / 1.7 oz – 50 mL). New to Tatcha’s impeccable skin-loving roster, this is a oil-free, anti-aging water cream that releases a burst of complexion-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanicals and optimal hydration for poreless and flawless-looking skin.

Formulated with Japanese Wild Rose, Japanese Leopard Lily and hadasei-3 (a proprietary blend of green tea, rice, and algae), The Water Cream delivers a luxurious spa-like experience balancing hydration as well as clarifying and refining the skin by tightening pores and smoothing out texture – all the while restoring and boosting healthy-looking radiance by imparting a subtle, shine-free glow with a touch of 23-karat gold. Housed in a palatial sea foam jar with a lid that ceremoniously cradles a golden spatula in an intricate bow design holder, the elegant spatula addresses the issues of amount as well as purity standards and dollops out just enough to cover the entire face. While appearing like a quasi gel-like consistency, upon contact with the surface of the skin, the cream virtually dissolves into a watery substance and absorbs almost immediately without leaving behind a sticky or tacky film. The moisturizer in itself holds a cushiony feel and in terms of texture, The Water Cream reigns supreme as it is more spun than whipped.

The Water Cream blends easily into the skin balancing a perfect scent ratio and wears excellent layered under or over other skincare products as well as under makeup. It has a lightweight feel that allows skin to breathe while soothing and calming the skin with its gentle, yet fully effective nourishing trinity.

Normally I allow three months for testing skincare products in order to obtain a solid opinion as well as an overall performing visual before taking my thoughts to a post. That being said, one month into using The Water Cream and I think it deserves all the credit it can get. For me, it was love at first application. Anywhere from the texture, to the gentle comfort of the superb consistency to how pristine my complexion appeared with just enough of that subtle glow – this cream literally has it all if you’re seeking to address multiple issues that include aging, dehydrated skin, redness and pore diminishing. While my skin is set for the most part but misbehaves every now and then, this did not break me out or caused any sort of reaction. One element that I truly love about this cream is how it combines anti-aging with long-lasting hydration that actually physically manifests on the face with a healthier, more radiant visage. All-in-all, this will become my go-to skin savior this upcoming scorching Summer.

You can find The Water Cream on Sephora, Tatcha and Barneys.

For each full-size skincare purchase sold on, the company funds a day of schooling in partnership with nonprofit Room to Read. Through Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program, girls and young women across 9 African and Asian countries, including Cambodia, receive textbooks, life skills coaching and mentorships. You can read all about Victoria Tsai’s (Tatcha’s founder) mission statement and dedication right here.

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