MAC Cosmetics New Lipglass Collection

April 24, 2017

MAC Cosmetics recently introduced its newly outfitted Lipglass collection. Now housed in a modern double-walled clear vial, the classic and unique gloss range celebrates a re-release with 57 over the rainbow shades – all of which provide a high-gloss, glass-like finish or subtle sheen. The new collective features shades from the permanent Lipglass range, as well as some old favorites from the Lustreglass lineup. The updated packaging feels sturdier, looks sleeker and is larger, but the tube contains less product coming in at 0.10 fl oz versus 0.17 fl oz prior. Formula-wise, MAC stated these to be unchanged – however they are featured with their new Oilshine Moisture Complex – a yummy blend of babassu, coconut, apricot and jojoba oils to help soften and condition lips.

If you are not familiar with the MAC Lipglasses, they have a smooth cushiony texture that glide effortlessly across the lips with light-medium weight but offer a nice wash of color to the lips. The formula has a very high-shine, glossy finish and are typically quite sticky (not everyone’s cup of tea), but I don’t entirely mind it. Over the years, I’ve actually found the newer Lipglasses to be a lot smoother and not as thick and sticky as the formula was many years ago. They adhere well to the lips with moderate hydrating properties and don’t slide around. There is the signature MAC vanilla scent to these which I really love. Overall pigment is varied depending on color. Most of the colors I picked up offer nice opaque coverage and all show up well on the lips just on their own. You can swipe them on for a bit more coverage, but overall I will say these are on the sheer to medium side. You can layer them over lipsticks for added shine or depth. Lasting power is very decent, they wear anywhere from 3 – 5 hours on me and are lightly moisturizing. I have not experienced any settling into the lip lines, which was my main concern with Chai since lighter lip gloss colors tend to do that on me.

A look at the color selection and descriptions as I see them

Chai – is a warm light-medium beige and has a pearl finish
Lust – is a warm light-medium brown with orange and peach undertones and has a cream finish
Roulette – is a cool taupe with a slight gray undertone and has a cream finish
Soar– is a warm plum with just the slightest hint of a pinkish red and has a cream finish
Steel Kiss – is a warm taupe with a golden undercurrent and has a pearl finish

Swatched on the arm

Swatched on the lips. For skin tone reference, I am not wearing any foundation and am completely barefaced here. My skin tone is medium with pink undertones.

A closer look at the actual wand and applicator below. On the face of it, the actual applicator appears to remain the same size as in the previous packaging although I am seeing a difference in volume as these look slimmer and more streamlined. Unfortunately I had no old Lipglasses to pull for comparison so I could be wrong. The wand itself did receive a modernized update and is now clear instead of solid white.

All-in-all, I really love these despite that they are very similar to the old guard of Lipglasses aside from the updated packaging. Overall I think they just added more hydrating properties as I find their wear to be much more comfortable than from what I can recollect from memories years ago. I honestly have not owned a Lipglass for a good 4 years or more and have no comparisons to pull in terms of formula as well as an accurate applicator view. To me, the Lipglasses as well as Paint Pots are some of MAC’s unsung heroes – this is mainly due to the fact that MAC is always evolving and expanding their platform so it’s easy to get caught up in newer releases as it is to stay loyal to what many MAC addicts, like myself, deem classic and basic collection staples. That being said, the revival of the Lipglass line has definitely sparked an old flame and I am looking into adding more shades. It’s worth noting that although I personally don’t have any grievances with this fact, but it may matter to some, is that these contain significantly less product for the same price. From an economic standpoint I do find that this drastic of a reduction in quantity should have warranted a reduction in price as well as the new version contains 0.10 fl. oz instead of the prior 0.17 fl. oz. If I were pressed to pick a favorite, I would have to say that Soar has surprisingly stolen my heart. My least favorite shade is Roulette. Due to its taupe nature and gray undertone, it clashes with my medium complexion and cast a sallow veil on my skin (as you can see in the lip swatches above) which I’m not a fan of.

You can find the new MAC Lipglass collection on MAC’s website as well as on Nordstrom.

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