Bite Beauty Love, Bite Lip Set

April 7, 2017

For Summer 2017, Bite Beauty launched the new Love, Bite Lip Set ($42 for a $70 value), a fun giftable trio exclusive to Sephora. The set has two full-size Multisticks, a full-size Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss, and a beautiful floral print mirror – all in a pink, collectible Bite Beauty tin.

In this set you get:

  • Multistick in Cashew (0.17 oz/ 4.75 g) – is a perfect warm medium rosy taupe with a matte finish. It has semi-sheer to full opaque coverage.
  • Multistick in Gelato (0.17 oz/ 4.75 g) – is a warm medium rosy mauve with a matte finish. This one has a semi-sheer to full opaque coverage as well.
  • Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl (0.14 oz/ 4 g) – is a warm metallic plum rose with violet and green shimmer and has brown undertones with a foiled finish. It has buildable medium to semi-opaque coverage.
  • A floral print travel-size mirror
  • A collectable Bite Beauty tin

The Bite Beauty Multistick is a creamy multitasking formula that can be worn on the lips, eyes and cheeks. They are one-swipe wonders with a semi-matte, semi-luminous finish reflecting a touch of light that offer semi-sheer to full opaque coverage depending on the shade. With 35% powder in each Multistick bullet, the silicone-free formula creates a soft focus finish that’s blendable, breathable, and buildable. They are a perfect balance between a cream and a powder but in general have a dominant cream-like feel. Texture is lightweight and emollient with a subtle lush finish. Although they are medium thick in consistency I still find that these blend easy like a silky cream. Dubbed as a cream-to-powder product, these are not in true cream-to-powder form as the formula does not dry down all the way. There are three ways these can be worn and I’ve tried all of them, here’s a quick recap of my thoughts on each method:

For the lips I found these to wear like a regular creamy lipstick with a satin finish that wore for over five hours before the color started to take on a more matte appearance. Out of the tube these offer instant pigment with full opaque coverage – however, when applied with either fingers or a lip brush, coverage initially came out more sheer but totally buildable. The formula is not drying and wears very comfortably with a smooth look and feel with neither color settling into any fine lines or becoming clingy. What impressed me the most about these were their longevity factor. Each shade wore strongly for well over six hours with minimal touch-ups, to me it seemed like once the finish transformed to a matte that the color started fading quite quickly right after. In comparison, the Amuse Bouche formula is a far superior lipstick formula but I found these perfectly wearable. As one who often finds matte-type finishes hard to pull off, I was thrilled to find these as good wearable neutrals that don’t look flat.

Swatched on the arm

On the eyes I found these a little harder to work with. While the texture allowed me to blend out the edges to a nice, diffused look and the buildable coverage gave me ample pigment to deposit medium color onto the lid right off the bat, my ultimate problem lied with the overall formula not drying down all the way. This in return caused product to settle into every crease, ridge and line not even 20 minutes into application. I would use my finger to tap product back into a smooth formation for it to only crease literally within minutes after. Only when using a combination of eyeshadow primer + a translucent setting powder is when I was able to extend the wear as well as the creasing probabilities. Even then I may only get five hours out of them before creasing would occur again.

Lastly are the cheeks. These work absolutely perfect as a cream blush, bronzer or contour. Texture is super blendable with buildable color. Intensity can be tweaked accordingly to a sheer flush or a brighter wash of color. They glide on the skin smoothly without stripping away foundation. I like to draw a small X on the cheeks and then proceed to blend product out with my finger leaving behind a beautiful, natural subtle sheen. The formula did not dry down completely on the cheeks either. Without a setting powder, if I forgot and accidentally touched my cheek the color would transfer and there would be a missing spot of blush on my cheeks. With setting powder it did not transfer but the finish does lose its sheen that way – however, once I set them with my Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist (reviewed here), a slight dew was revived.

Next up is the Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl. There are seven shades of lip gloss in the collection, all of which are holographic and give a modern, foiled lip look. Rose Pearl is a warm metallic plum rose with violet and green shimmer and has brown undertones with a foiled finish. It has buildable medium to semi-opaque coverage. The color has a strong high-shine finish with a transparent quality that made this wearable on its own as well as layered over other lip products. The lightweight formula has a nice moisturizing feel which made the lips feel very soft. Texture is slightly tacky but was never really sticky throughout wear. It applies smoothly and evenly across the lips with one coat providing ample coverage, and last for about four hours on me with some light transfer when lips touch a surface. What I specifically liked about this gloss was the fact that the shimmer does not feel gritty on the lips.The gloss has a light minty scent but has a sweet fruit-like aftertaste.

Swatched on the arm. For the second swatch I purposely focused out to capture the shimmer factor.

Swatched on the lips. For skin tone reference, I am not wearing any foundation and am completely barefaced here. My skin tone is medium with pink undertones.

This set is hands down a winner in my book. It can be easy to get suckered into value sets because the pricing may be on point but often times it’s not in terms of what you actually get in return. The Love, Bite Lip Set is such an amazing value that it blew my mind when I saw it, for the $42 price tag you receive three full-size products! The overall color scheme appears to be all things rosy and if these colors are up your alley then I think this will be a great buy – or gift because next month is Mother’s Day after all. I am in love with the Multisticks in this box. They are such pretty neutrals for Spring and they are light and not sticky at all. I really love the way Gelato looks on the eyes and both of the shades are perfect everyday lip colors. The lip gloss is amazingly shimmery, perfect for Summer!

The Bite Beauty Love, Bite Lip Set can be found online at Sephora for $42. This set is limited edition.

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