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Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Glow Collection

March 28, 2017

This Spring, Marc Jacobs Beauty introduces the Coconut Glow Collection. Following the astronomical success of last year’s coconut primer, the new range welcomes coconut-infused makeup essentials formulated with five different forms of nutritious coconut, and vitamin B5 for a radiant, glowing complexion. Bringing a touch of skincare luxury for his Summer release this year, Marc Jacobs expands the skin health-promoting line with four new products: the O!Mega Bronze ($49), The Bronze Bronzer Brush ($78), the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter ($44 / 0.8 oz – 24 mL) and Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist ($39 / 3.8 oz – 112 mL), all of which are inspired by Marc’s love of coconut water and the glow of youthful-looking, radiant, well-hydrated skin. I have been experimenting a lot more with face base products recently and picked up both the Dew Drops Highlighter as well as the Coconut Setting Mist, both of which I have thoughts on in today’s post. Paired together they make for a fresh kind of look perfect for spring.

First is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in 50 Dew You?. This is a warm golden-peach gel-cream hybrid complexion luminizer that pairs hydrating skincare ingredients with instant illumination. It can be worn as a liquid highlight and of course can be mixed in with foundation for an all-over luminous glow. I mix a tiny drop in with my foundation for a naturally radiant finish. When mixed in with foundation it does give a gorgeous healthy glow that lasts literally all day without changing the color of my foundation. It has a lightweight feel and is also very hydrating due to its coconut infused base. Application is effortless, even when used by itself underneath foundation it glides on so smoothly leaving my skin feeling soft without a tacky film. When swatched you can detect a noticeable hint of shimmer but it’s by no means glittery. The shimmer does get a bit more concentrated when used as a spot highlight, however, when mixed in with foundation sheers out. It simply glistens and is so fresh-looking when mixed in with foundation or other base products. Being a gel formula, it can get pretty intense so just be aware of how much you use. A tiny drop will go a long way.

Pigmentation is semi- sheer to semi- opaque, depending on whether you use it to mix in with base products or as a spot highlight. On me it wore close to 10 hours as a regular highlighter, which is phenomenal. Words do this highlighter no justice, it’s just absolutely beautiful and has a subtle coconut scent that I adore.

Swatched on the arm

Next is the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist. This is a 24-hour makeup setting mist that hydrates while giving skin a fresh, dewy finish. Formulated with freeze-frame technology and five coconut actives, the fine, micro-mist delivers a healthy-looking dewy glow to the complexion, at the same time, locking in makeup so that it stays put and looks fresh all day long. I got my hands on this spray about early March or so when Sephora had a limited-time sneak preview allowing customers to pick it up before its official launch date – I have been using it ever since and this spray has become a true must for me. I use it for multiple purposes whether that be to set makeup, mist a bare face or as a pick-me-up throughout the day. It simply makes makeup look flawless and airbrushed after a few spritzes. It smells amazing, like sweet coconut with a hint of salt water, and gives a beautiful, subtle dewy glow to the skin. It’s so refreshing and hydrating. I recommend this for use with or without makeup. This is definitely going to be nice to use during the Summer when Vegas temps crawl above a 100+ and my face is in need of an instant refresher at any given moment.

Recently I found myself reading the reviews on Sephora for the spray and spotted quite a few complaints about the actual misting portion. There appears to be a collective issue with the nozzle. Many reviewers stated that it sprays spurts of product and does not disperse it evenly, leaving their faces riddled in big, milky droplets. I experienced this exact scenario the first time I started testing the spray. Whenever I test something, like a setting spray, my first rounds are on bare face as opposed to makeup so I can get a feel for the overall consistency and texture. The key to enjoying this setting spray and benefit from its best results is to press the pump completely down in order to get the fine, soft mist. For good measure, I always spray any setting mist into my sink first before taking it to my face. I even do this with sprays I’ve been using a long time just to avoid the aforementioned issue because sometimes product can build up inside the nozzle and produce an uneven, chunky mist.

Overall, my thoughts are that Marc Jacobs Beauty nailed it with this Summer spree as both are solid performers. I was hoping that the overall collection would have more variety and would maybe include like a shimmer bronzer, a blush or some sort of small eyeshadow palette that would go with the theme of the Coconut Glow concept. I forfeited on the newly released O!Mega Bronze because of the matte finish. In the summer I stay away entirely from matte anything and in most cases powder-based products. The Dew Drops are right up my alley, though. I like to use this mixed in with foundation or as a highlight on top of powders. The shimmer is visible but not over-the-top. There are some very tiny gold flecks that show up on the skin but it’s not frosty or glittery. A small amount will go a long way and can be sheered out for a subtle glow or be applied more heavily for a concentrated finish. It has the prettiest metallic sheen that I find flattering on the skin.

The Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist surprised me as in that it became such an instant hit in my rotation. I often have a very difficult time switching up certain base products because I found ones a long time ago that work perfectly for me. I decided to take a chance with this setting spray and was very satisfied with the results. The dewy finish is to die for and I think that MJB found just the right balance with the actual dew factor since in some cases it can translate as greasiness. That being said, for how dewy this spray is I suspect that if you are oily/combo this may not necessarily work out for your skin type unless you use it very sparingly. For me, this spray will most likely become my daily go-to once Summer fully hits. It has such a nice refreshing feel and I also really love the coconut scent.

You can find the entire Coconut Glow collection on the official MJB website right now. Both items in this post can also be found on Sephora with the full collection set to go live 3/31.

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