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Tom Ford Skin Illuminator Fire Lust

March 24, 2017

For his 2017 Summer Soleil collection, Tom Ford has repackaged and repromoted the coveted Fire Lust Skin Illuminator ($50 / 0.5 fl oz –   ). Fire Lust first made its debut around the Summer of 2013 and was designated as a limited edition collector’s item that went through a few repromotes over the past seasons before finally becoming permanent later on. The 2017 edition does not appear to be different formula or color-wise, however is housed in a smaller size rounded bottle (repackaged in the same size as his Shimmer Shots) and retails for $50 for 0.5 fl oz as opposed to the original which is $72 for 1.0 oz and is presented in a glass bottle instead.

Tom Ford’s Fire Lust is a sheer warm peachy pink illuminator laden with micro flecks of gold. The shimmer is visible but not over-the-top sparkly nor do the tiny gold flecks show up frosty on the skin. It has a lightweight consistency that is naturally dewy and thin and I find that it blends beautifully for a subtle, radiant glow. Fire Lust is sheer in coverage but still visible. There are multiple ways this can be worn and I’ve tried several of them, here’s a quick recap of my thoughts on each method:

  • Personally, my favorite method is to mix this in with foundation. Doing this gives the skin a beautiful and subtle luminous glow that looks like your own skin, but better and does not read shimmery not sparkly. It’s worth noting that mixing this in with foundation does not affect performance or longevity of either one nor does it oxidize or distort your foundation shade.
  • Worn as an actual highlight over makeup it creates a dewy and glowy sheen that is super subtle mimicking a natural radiant complexion.
  • Worn underneath makeup as a base virtually does nothing unless you use sheer products for the entire look. But even then the glow is barely there, if at all. That being said, it does create a nice multi-dimensional depth when going in with sheer bronzers and blushes.

Swatched on the arm

Overall this is a stunning and luxurious liquid highlighter. It’s been about a solid three years since I played with Fire Lust and this time around I was reminded once again why I instantly fell in love with it in the first place. While I am all for a fierce highlight, during the Summer season I tend to gravitate more towards glowy yet subtle with a dewy background which I achieve through creams and liquids as opposed to powders. Fire Lust is a key player to have in your arsenal if you tend to do the same depending on the seasons. On my skin it lasted for well over eight hours whether that was as an actual spot highlight or mixed in with my foundation. As the day progresses it does get a bit more dewy due to the natural oils in the skin but never looks greasy. Vegas has been experiencing many days where we are nudging 90 for the high so far this month and even then it wore flawlessly. The dewiness factor remained about the same although took place much quicker versus in milder temperatures. The heat did not affect its longevity thus far although I have a faint suspicion it just might once we hit the high 100’s – 120’s.

Fire Lust has a nice hydrating feel that soothes the skin and a soft sweet scent that fades after a few minutes. Application is effortless and blends beautifully with either fingers or a brush. Product is buildable for more of a focused glow but not color as it is sheer. In its description it states that the “peach-pink shade flatters every skin tone”, although I think that if you’re on the darker side it may only show up as a soft glow as opposed to having any type of color payoff since it’s so sheer. If I were to be at my most tan right now, I think it would virtually be colorless against my skin tone. If any of you babes have tried this, please chime in the notes with your skin tone and thoughts on how it worked for you.

The Tom Ford Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust is available at Sephora, Nordstrom and Tom Ford’s site as well as his counters.

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