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Chanel Énergies et Puretés Collection | Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder

March 15, 2017

Chanel presents Énergies et Puretés – a new makeup collection charged with energy and purity that evokes a contrast between traditional Haute Couture craftsmanship and graphic Western modernity. Inspired by the harmony of opposites, the new edition unveils soft and subtle shades with hints of vibrancy. The unexpected contrast of muted tones and cheery brights offers an array of fresh, luminous looks. Designed for Spring 2017, Énergies et Puretés de Chanel color collection is a gorgeous limited edition range, which is said to be influenced by Korean pop trends. Introducing 16 more to adore color codes, among the new blossoming assortment of blushes, eyeshadow quads and more comes the long-awaited arrival of Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder ($70 / 0.35 oz – 10 g). Plisse Lumiere de Chanel is a luxurious highlighting powder infused with gold reflective particles that captures and reflects light for a soft, luminous glow. The surface pattern is embossed with a pleated design inspired by the precise details seen in Haute Couture workmanship of the Chanel fashion house.

Just like the Camelia de Chanel Illuminating Powder (reviewed here), Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder has been on my radar since I saw it make its debut on Instagram many months ago when Énergies et Puretés was made available to other parts of the world. There’s just something about Chanel highlighters that simply grabs me like nothing else can. Chanel describes this to be a gold powder highlighter meant to add an ethereal touch of radiance to the complexion. It’s more of a soft rosy champagne highlighter with tiny micro gold reflective particles. Bearing an extremely fine-milled texture with a brilliant sheen, the glow particles found in Plisse Lumiere de Chanel are definitely not as big as those seen prior in Camelia de Chanel, which in comparison were not quite chunky however were larger than finely milled shimmer. Texture is extremely smooth with an almost silky consistency. The pigment is quite intense but can be easily blended out for a more diffused look. Using a fan brush for application will yield a lighter wash of radiance, while going with a denser brush provides a more concentrated, yet still wearable, glow.

Closeup image of the color

Swatched on the arm

Swatch comparisons below to Camelia de Chanel (reviewed here) and Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer in shade 001 (reviewed here).

Compact comparison, left is Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder and right is Camelia de Chanel.

Final thoughts: I think the Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder is yet again another exquisite highlighter. Compared to previous Chanel highlighter launches, this is quite a unique piece and a great addition to have for beauty collectors like myself. However, I also think that in big picture spectrum this highlighter may not be perceived as one-of-a-kind to some as it is quite dupable. Just like when I received the Camelia de Chanel highlighter, opening this compact was an otherworldly experience as the overall appearance was simply breathtaking. Overall quality is top notch. It has a smooth even texture without any patch or streaking issues and feels like silk on the skin. As with any powder there will be some type of fallout during application but once it melds with the skin I found that it stayed in place all day long. I absolutely love it on the cheeks but this is also great for on the eyes for a nice intense pop of color.

The Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Illuminating Powder retails for $70 and is currently available online at

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