Favorite Sheet Masks In Rotation

February 23, 2017

Today I’m chatting with you about the sheet masks I have in rotation right now. Sheet masks have been widely used in Korean skincare for many years and kind of made their silent debut in the States give or take little over three years ago or so when a small pool of brands introduced their own version offering a limited selection of what was then still endearingly dubbed; the “paper” mask. Fast forward to now and sheet masks are largely trending virtually all over the world. There are so many different mask formats out there and people typically use them to treat common skin issues or to target certain concerns – in the case of sheet masks, they are predominantly used to deliver full and high doses of key product to the skin in a short amount of time with better penetration of its active elements. Not to mention they give skin the maximum amount of hydration by locking in moisture unveiling a supple and radiant complexion in return. I’m completely obsessed with sheet masks and consider them a total skincare staple – I use them 2x per week standard, sometimes depending on how my skin feels I might even use more. For this post I’m sharing a roundup of the sheet masks that are my tried and true treatments along with a few new discoveries that I’m excited to talk about.

First, a bit of background and general information. When it comes to masks, or any type of skin product, recommendations or picks should be based on your skin type and what kind of treatment you ultimately need. While sheet masks are perhaps the most universal of all and anyone can use them, nothing comes as a “one-type-suits-all’ offering and many lines carry sheet masks that cater to different issues or concerns for a wide range of skin types. When it comes down to what you put on your face, always do your homework beforehand.

Basically what a sheet mask is, it’s a literal sheet made out of either fibers, paper or gel of which each have been soaked in a hydrating liquid formula infused with active skincare ingredients targeting specific issues, concerns and skin types. In my opinion, sheet masks are the most universal as well as the gentlest. In comparison to abrasive masks like for instance certain clay or charcoal types, which are usually formulated to draw impurities out of the skin and are to be used sparingly, sheet masks are okay to use every single day. I exclusively have been using sheet masks for the past year ever since my skin recovered from cystic acne and do it purely for the amazing skincare benefits as well as the hydration factor. Ever since I quit the standard apply and rinse mask types, my skin has improved beyond measures. Every time I use a sheet mask my skin always feels and looks incredible. Make sure to not wash or tone your face after using one of these. Simply pat the excess serum into your skin, neck and decolletage, let your skin absorb it and then continue with your regular routine.

A little tip, most of these masks are super saturated in product and often times the bag they come in holds quite a bit of excess liquid that dripped from the mask. What I like to do is savor that excess liquid in its original package by sealing it as best I can and reuse it the next day as a serum.

I’ll start with the masks that make the most frequent appearance on the blog, which are of course the Sephora Collection Face Masks ($6 each). Sephora has 8 total to choose from all targeting various skin issues or concerns, I’ve tested 6 of them and it was pure love the first time I tried them all. There are four that I keep rotating between on a regular basis including the Rose, Lotus, Orchid and Algae mask. The Rose Mask is formulated to provide deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract. With this mask, skin looks instantly brightened and feels ultra soft and plump afterwards. My complexion looks and feels noticeably hydrated and refreshed, and I can definitely feel the moisture without any greasy residue while the skin simply glows. Another good moisturizing mask is the Lotus Face Mask. This one is formulated to lock in water to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free and rested appearance. It’s kind of like an all-in-one mask and I think it works wonders to repair and revive the skin. The Orchid mask moisturizes and evens out the skin tone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. With this mask, fine lines are minimized and other imperfections seemingly become blurred and skin feels ultra soft after using it.

The Algae mask I always have in my stash but it is not used daily like the others. I like to call this my “medicine” mask. The Algae mask detoxifies the skin to get rid of impurities that cause dullness. Now, if I feel that my skin is congested or getting close to it whether that be from makeup, the weather or the environment in general, that’s when I pop one of these on to draw out whatever it may be that potentially could cause pore blockage. For instance, during the Summer Vegas tends to have smog-heavy days where the air becomes stale and almost suffocating because there is virtually no circulation. During Winter and most of Spring we experience high winds which blows around a lot of dirt and debris – all of these are prime conditions for skin congestion as different types of environmental factors can have their own effects on the skin. Also, while it happens very rarely (and I mean, once in a blue moon rarely), in the event that I catch a cold this formulation comes into play to relieve my complexion from that grayish sallow cast that befalls me as a result of getting sick.

Next, I’m going to talk about one of the best sheet masks I have ever tried which is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($17 for 1 mask). This one is formulated to revitalize, comfort, and provide intense hydration and I think it works wonders to plump the skin. After using it skin feels smooth and almost lifted. The skin is radiant, glows and looks noticeably brighter. With prolonged use I noticed that redness around certain areas was reduced drastically and it appears to shrink pores around the nose area as well as in between my eyebrows. I would most definitely call this one life changing. For 1 sheet mask it is kind of a luxurious splurge but worth every single penny. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a mask in all my life.

Another life changing, holy grail status mask in my wardrobe is the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24k Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask ($12 for 1 mask). A few years back when the whole gold skincare trend was flourishing I decided to jump on the bandwagon and as skeptical as possible tried this mask. This turned out to be one of those skincare products that I tested and was immediately impressed by. In a “oh my god, I need this in my life” way. This 100% cotton sheet mask is pre-soaked with potent anti-aging actives to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. It’s formulated to tighten, firm and refine the complexion. Skin does look and feel noticeably firmer after using this, diminishing fine lines quite drastically. I use this on a weekly basis for the last couple of years and even those deeper forehead frown lines have dramatically minimized. It has the most wonderful refreshing feeling and works really well to help calm down the skin. It contains 24-karat gold—which helps soothe skin and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. The infusion of gold does leave a slight golden cast over the skin. I have been using Peter Thomas Roth products for quite some time and really like his line for gentle but yet super effective skincare.

One of my favorite deep-moisture masks is the Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask ($7.50 for 1 sheet). This is a hypoallergenic mask made of natural fiber and botanicals. If intense hydration is what you’re looking for, I highly suggest this one. It’s a super deep moisturizing mask formulated with allantoin and witch hazel for continuous moisture. I love feeling the soothing cooling sensation on my skin when I use this. After I take it off, my skin looks plump, smooth and hydrated. Just utterly refreshed and illuminating. In my opinion, this is the ultimate reset button for dry and tired skin, it will instantly perk the face back up.

Too Cool For School’s Egg Cream Mask Hydration ($6 for 1 sheet) is a new-to-me sheet mask that I only recently started using. I have been seeing this specific mask pop up a lot in the last couple of months so I naturally wanted to explore it for myself. This mask features an ultra-soft microfiber sheet drenched in egg extracts, coconut water, niacinamide, and other botanical extracts to deliver ultimate hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits. It adds a lot of moisture to the skin and I feel it helps to smooth out texture as well as rebalances it. Skin appears quite radiant after use. As far brightening effects are concerned, I have not been using it long enough to see that benefit just yet but I do have high hopes for this mask. Out of all of my moisturizing masks, this is perhaps my third favorite.

Lastly is another new-to-me sheet mask by Farmacy and is the Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask – Deep Moisture (Cucumber) ($9.00 for 1 sheet). I’ve only recently discovered the brand and was instantly intrigued to find out that they utilize farm fresh ingredients as the building blocks for their products. In particular Echinacea Greenenvy, a patent-protected variant of the echinacea purpurea loaded with natural antioxidants, is at the foundation of all Farmacy products. Usually when I discover new brands and I start to dabble in what they have to offer I single out one product and let it run its course until I think my skin is ready to take on something else. As you guys know I’m very hesitant about venturing outside of my current routine due to the underlying fear of my cystic acne making a return. So far, this particular mask is the only item that I’ve used from the line and so far so good. This hydrating face mask reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function, leaving it looking ultra-hydrated, plumper, and smoother. Cucumber extract delivers high levels of Vitamin C, which assist in helping to maintain moisture levels. I really like the fact that the mask is made out of coconuts because I feel that my skin truly absorbs all of the essences and nutrients from such. The coconut gel texture helps with locking moisture while maintaining a firming effect to the skin. They have several different types of masks all made from naturally derived ingredients and focuses around a certain extract, like Kale, Rhubarb, Celery, just to name a few and I’m definitely looking forward to putting more varieties to the test as this cucumber one is absolutely amazing.

If you’re in search for a new sheet mask or are new to the concept and looking to try on the trend, I hope you found this roundup helpful. Good sheet masks can make all the difference in hydration, clarity, texture, smoothness and so many other factors. I swear by sheet masks and exclusively use them as the benefits are simply too good and far surpasses any results I’ve ever encountered using different mask types. I think using a sheet mask can really help rebalance and readjust your skin as it reacts to daily changes. I have tested quite a few sheet masks over the years and am looking very much forward to many more, this post contains my go-to’s that I find paramount to my routine. My rotation does change as I discover new formulas or brands.

Do you have a favorite sheet mask? What masks are in your rotation right now?

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