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Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss | Douceur, Rose Pulpe & Subtil

February 16, 2017

Chanel introduces the new high-sine Glossimer collection featuring 24 irresistible shades and three multi-effect top coats in a cutting-edge gloss formula called Rouge Coco Gloss ($30 each / 0.19 oz – ). These are kind of similar to the classic Glossimers, which I’ve been a long-time fan of, however appear to be an innovative updated version that contains intense shine, are packed full of hydration and have a cushiony gel-like texture. I almost want to say that they are a crossbreed between the regular Glossimers and the Aqua Glossimers that were released last Summer. The new Rouge Coco Gloss is a lightweight, emollient gloss that slides effortlessly onto the lips but I am happy to report that they have no slip. The color range is absolutely exquisite consisting of 24 iridescent, lacquered shades largely covering neutrals that build from amped up nudes to alluring deep pinks and reds presented in sheer to opaque coatings. The glosses I ordered have a mix of soft and brightness and include: Douceur, Rose Pulpe and Subtil.

The colors are simply gorgeous. They have sheer to medium coverage in terms of pigment and look super natural on the lips with that classic glossy finish that Chanel Glossimers have, but much more intense. The texture is smooth and the consistency feels really nice on the lips. These are just a tad on the thick side but not sticky or tacky whatsoever. You can layer these to achieve more color but depending on the shade the overall finish is sheer-medium. In my case Rose Pulpe is the sheerest out of the ones I ordered. I love to layer these on top of lipsticks because they enhance any lipstick shade with a nice sheen. On their own these wear brilliant as well, adding a nice plumping effect to the lips. The ultra-lightweight formula is enriched Coconut Oil, Peptides and Vitamin E, along with an exclusive Hydraboost Complex, to offer hours of comfort and moisture. Wear time is pretty standard in relation to lip glosses, especially when eating or drinking is involved, I get about 4 hours of wear time before reapplication is needed. However, when I wear the glosses in combination with base layers like a lipstick or liner I get much longer out of them.

A look at the color selection

Douceur – is a warm peachy nude with orange/pink undertones. This shade offers sheer to medium coverage.
Rose Pulpe – is a warm light pink with blue undertones and has pearlescent shimmers. This shade offers sheer coverage.
Subtil – is a warm medium pink with peach undertones depending on the lighting and has golden shimmers. This shade offers sheer to medium coverage but color is better and more easily built.

Swatched on the arm

Swatched on the lips. For skin tone reference, I am not wearing any foundation and am completely barefaced here. My skin tone is medium with pink undertones.


Bottom line I love all three of my purchases and I highly recommend them. The overall formula and natural shine deserve a thumbs up by themselves. They have a very nice moisturizing and emollient feel that does not slide around. Even though the colors I ordered are on the sheer-medium side, I find that they hold enough pigment to wear on their own. What I liked best about the lighter shades is that they apply smooth and remain even on my lips – most lighter gloss colors tend to look extremely patchy on me or simply settle into the lines and that’s where all the color is hiding while the rest of the lips just look wet. All three colors work superbly for me. Lasting power is, as I said, pretty average for a gloss. They stay in place like most formulas but color transfer will happen once your lips come into contact with anything.

The Chanel Rouge Coco Glosses are exclusively available on

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