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New Mikasa Beauty Brush Releases

February 14, 2017

Mikasa Beauty launched a new full range of eye, face and lip brushes this month. The new collection includes 10 of the sophisticated and sleek matte black handle brushes with silver embossed lettering as seen previously on their 8-Piece Essential Kit (reviewed here), as well as one new addition to their Techni Brush line (reviewed here). Some of you may remember my previous post about their 8-Piece Essential Kit and how this set virtually replaced every single brush in my collection – so you can guys can only imagine my excitement when the Mikasa team sent me their new releases to play with. I have been testing every single new brush for the past two weeks and as was expected am beyond over-the-moon impressed by not just how well they performed, but also by the sheer versatility and the wide range of areas they covered designing this new collection. I can say that these are truly incredible tools. In terms of overall quality, performance and the way they are cut are phenomenal making a huge difference in makeup application and product finish on the skin.

Since I have already posted an in-depth review covering my thoughts pertaining to quality and performance, as well as providing background on Mikasa’s bristle selection and manufacturing process, I decided that for this post I would highlight the new brushes and share a quick recap on my experience with them. If you’re interested in how their 8-Piece Essential Kit ranked or if you’d like to know more about the ins & outs of their brushes, I will link you to this post right here.

Face Brushes

  • F110 Angled Blush Brush ($17) – has steadily become one of my favorite blush brushes because of the shape. It’s medium-sized and shape is perfect for hugging and contouring the cheeks with a flush of color. The pure high grade natural goat hair has just the right amount of density to pick up color and dispense it evenly on the cheeks. It’s also a great powder contour and blending tool. The angled shape helps control application.
  • F120 Tapered Contour Brush ($16) – is a soft and silky brush featuring synthetic nylon hair and has a tapered end. One of the things I love about Mikasa brushes is that a majority of their brushes are multi-functional and the uses for this brush are endless. I like to use mine to sweep highlighter across the high-points of the face for a beautiful diffused look but more so to apply translucent setting powder underneath the eyes. The tapered end allows me to get as close to the inner corner as possible. I have been looking for a proper powder setting brush for the longest time and was immediately floored when I saw this brush because it’s exactly the likes of what I had in mind. You can also use this brush to sweep a powder contour along the jawline, under the cheekbones, and outer edges of the face.
  • F300 Foundation Brush ($16) – is a firm brush that’s great for smooth foundation application. I’ve tested this one for about a week with liquid foundations and find it performs really well to evenly blend product on the face. I typically prefer a sponge for this step because in past experiences I have found a bit of streaking caused by the bristles and always end up smoothing out my face with my fingers. This brush seems to work much better because the bristles are more naturally tapered. I experienced no streaking or skipped patches with this brush.

Eye Brushes

  • E110 Eye Liner Brush ($11) – is a good dense detail brush. It’s stiff but not too stiff so it’s easy to maneuver across the eye. I like this one to highlight my inner corners because it’s so small you can perfectly trace the corners for a more natural look. The brush is also great for tightlining and various eyeliner applications not to mention you can create a mean feline flick with a nice sharp edge. This is my do-it-all kind of brush for small and detailed work.
  • E200 Angled Eye Shadow Brush ($12) – works amazing as a crease blending brush, for all-over lid color and brow highlighting. I use this brush the most to apply and blend shadow underneath my brows for highlighting because it allows me to apply color exactly where I want it.
  • E240 Short Eye Shader Brush ($12) – is what I like to use for cream shadows, liners and powder liners. It has a really nice short rounded tip making application smooth and easy. It applies shadows on the lids, it will smudge and smoke out colors along the lash line and is absolutely perfect for a smokey eye.
  • E320 Tapered Blending Brush ($12) – is one of my top picks to apply an all-over wash of color with on the lids. It picks up color really well and blends powders together nicely. I like that it’s dense but super soft at the same time.
  • E330 Large Blending Brush ($12) – is the best fluffy blending brush you can find for under $20. This one is key for me in terms of blending shadows for a subtle gradient look, especially in the crease.
  • E400 Double Ended Brow Brush ($16) – is perfect for applying brow products.

Lip Brushes

L100 Retractable Lip Brush ($16) – is perhaps the most genius concept I’ve ever seen in a brush. It’s shorter than a regular pen in standdown mode and retractable so it’s perfect to take on-the-go in your purse or for travel. It has a small, tapered tip that allows for precise application of color and gloss inside the lip contours. If you follow me on Instagram than you would have seen a short demonstration video I did on it. This brush instantly became my favorite, it’s so innovative and unique!

New Techni Brush

Techni 01 ($25) – is one of their newest Techni brushes I’ve tried. I like this for applying concealer and cream highlighters due to its smaller head making it easier for me to control color and placement. I own all the other Techni brushes and this one is another great addition. It’s the perfect shape, size and density for creams to achieve a smooth and even application.

Overall these exceeded my expectations, once again. They perform extremely well with face, eye and lip applications and I’m really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. Each brush is thoroughly well designed and are far superior to any other brushes I’ve tested over the years. I’ve accumulated quite a number of brushes but this is the first time ever in my entire life that I have a brush collection made up solely by one brand. After the 8-Piece Essential Kit and now with this add-on I have officially shelved all my older brushes and am exclusively using Mikasa only. Achieving the perfect makeup look does not only get made or broken by what products you put on but also by what tools you use and these have significantly improved the application process as well as the end result.

Have you checked out Mikasa brushes yet? If not, do you have any favorite brushes in your collection?

There are 11 new brush additions by Mikasa and each are available for purchase individually. They are exclusive to Mikasa Beauty and prices range from $12 to $16.

Many thanks to the Mikasa team for sending this set for review consideration. As always opinions are my own.

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