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Mikasa Beauty 8-Piece Essential Kit

January 24, 2017

I have a handful of new-to-me eye and face brushes that I’ve been playing with for the past couple of weeks. When it comes to purchasing new beauty products a good majority are bought sight unseen, with the exclusion of makeup brushes. There has been one exception, which includes the Mikasa Beauty Techni 4 Piece Set (reviewed here), but for the most part I primarily stick to buying brushes from mainstream brands that I can see and feel in person. After testing the Mikasa Techni 4 Piece Set, I can say that these are truly incredible tools worthy of a try. The materials used and the way they are cut ranks them in the higher-end brush category with phenomenal quality across the board and has made a huge difference in makeup application for me. Thanks to the Mikasa Beauty team I have a review of their 8 Piece Essential Kit to share today, which has been a must-have item on my wishlist for quite some time!

A bit of background on Mikasa’s brush hairs and selection process: “Bristles are the cream of the crop for makeup brushes. Choosing the right hair is the most essential step in crafting the finest brushes. There are over five types of animal hair used in the beauty industry. The majority of our brushes are using goat hair – the most commonly used hair on the market. Goat hair is particularly soft and durable. With 8 tiers of goat hair, Mikasa Beauty only uses XGF,ZGF and BJF, the softest of the bunch and belonging to the top 3 tiers. These fine hairs are expensive and mainly used for high profile makeup brush brands. Synthetic fiber is also used in some of our brushes. Certain synthetic hair is stiffer than goat hair and is more suitable for brushes such as the eyeshadow brush. There are also high quality synthetic hair performs as well as natural hair and offers minimal shedding. Each Mikasa Beauty brush has gone through several tests to determine the type of hair, or the mixture it needs for the best performance.”

Aside from the Techni Set, this is my actual first traditional brush hair set by them and they have become well-loved in my collection. These brushes come with black lacquered wooden handles and are extremely comfortable to hold with a lightweight feel that makes them easy to use. There are eight brushes in this set for both the eyes and face. Some quick thoughts are that these brushes are very well made and the overall design is excellent. Quality is on par with that of more expensive brush brands. They are extremely soft and the bristles are meticulously distributed for flawless makeup application. If you’re looking for a good set of eye and face brushes to start a collection with, or to add on to your existing one, the 8 Piece Essential Kit is an amazing investment.

The eight brushes in the set include:

  • E100 Angled Liner Brush: a firm, angled brush that is hands down the best eyeliner and eyebrow application brush in my collection. It has a nice sharp contour that is perfect for precision lining and is thin enough to feather in and define brows like a pro.
  • E230 Eye Shader Brush: is my favorite eyeshadow application brush. The bristles are a bit firmer that is good for giving the lids an all over wash of color with high-impact intensity and really layers on the product. It’s also a good brush to apply and blend cream shadows with.
  • E300 Blending Brush: is a good brush for blending bases onto lids, crease and outer corners. I like that it has soft bristles to create that natural diffused look in the crease which makes blending a lot easier for me.
  • E310 Pencil Brush: is one of my favorite multi-purpose brushes. This one is great to apply and blend colors in the outer corners with as well, and it’s amazing for applying and blending out the lower lash line.
  • E220 Concealer Brush: makes for the perfect detail or spot-treating brush that allows for blending and application of liquid and cream based products.
  • F100 Powder Brush: is one of my favorite powder brushes. It never fails me to apply all-over setting powders, bronzers or to blend out everything at the end before setting spray so everything looks uniform and gives me the assurance of no harsh lines.
  • F111 Blush Brush: is one of the best to pick up and deposit blush colors with. Some brushes pick up either too much (even with tapping off excess) or pick up too little, but this one picks up just enough. I have been looking for a blush brush like this exact one for a long time. I love how it flawlessly blends color into the cheeks that resembles a pure natural glow without the fear of overdoing it.
  • F200 Duo Fibre Finishing Brush: is another good multi-purpose brush. This brush can be used for flawless application and blending of powder, cream, or liquid products. I personally like to use it for stippling after applying foundation with a sponge to achieve a more even and airbrushed finish.

Overall, I’m very impressed. I knew that this set would be extremely well made looking back on my experience with the Mikasa Techni Set, but I wasn’t sure if any of them would truly standout from the other dozens of brushes I already own. Sometimes I feel like I keep repurchasing the same type of brush over and over again with sub-par performance or results. The brushes in the 8 Piece Essential Kit are all sensational go-to pieces that I reach for on a daily basis. They have tremendously improved my application process and replaced quite a few of my previous go-to’s. Once again, if you’re looking for a good set of eye and face brushes to start a collection with, or to add on to your existing one, the 8 Piece Essential Kit is an amazing investment. If you’re unsure about getting the full set, each of the aforementioned brushes are available individually as well.

You can find the Mikasa Beauty 8 Piece Essential Kit exclusively online at for $95.

Many thanks to the Mikasa team for sending this set for review consideration. As always opinions are my own.

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