Foreo Luna Play with Sephora Collection – Pack & Play

January 19, 2017

Foreo and Sephora have teamed up together this month of January to bring the Pack & Play gift set ($45). Pack & Play is part of Sephora’s Gym Bag Essentials and features a macaroon-sized Foreo Luna as well as two texture-transforming cleansers and two Sephora Collection masks that are housed in a cute pink travel bag. I’ve always been curious about trying a skincare cleaning tool like the Foreo Luna and have read tons of reviews that mention it has been instrumental to improving skin texture. I do have some texture issues mainly on the apples of the cheeks but have always been hesitant about splurging on the device in fear of not knowing how my skin would ultimately react to it. So when I saw this little pack while shopping Sephora earlier this month I immediately ordered it as I justified it as the perfect opportunity to experiment with the Foreo Luna, which is what I have to share thoughts on today.

This set contains:

First up is the Foreo Luna play in Petal Pink. This is an ultra compact cleaning device that gives skin a deep cleanse with Foreo’s T-Sonic technology. Basically the T-Sonic Technology combines 8,000 T-sonic pulsations every minute through a nonabrasive silicone brush to your face which helps gently remove dead skin cells, and lifts away 99.5 percent of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. It also enhances the absorption of skin care products to refine, brighten, and even out the complexion. The device is designed to cater to all skin types. Luna Play has a two-zone brush system in place that features thicker touch-points to deeply and precisely cleanse oilier areas, particularly on the T-zone, and thinner touch-points that gently channel pulsations. I prefer the thinner touch-points as I found them to be more flexible to work with. There are two speeds on this device which to me are both equally as gentle and I did not have a specific preference for either one. At the beginning of my testing period I made it a point to perform a deep-cleanse using this twice a week. I incorporated the Luna play as part of my double-cleansing routine in the evening. After removing all my makeup using my go-to essentials, I would follow up with the device and the Night Cleanser. The Night Cleanser begins as a silken gel that melts into a soft milky substance. I also tested this with cleansers I already own and found that across the board they all worked just the same – however, each time I used the Luna play in combination with their Night Cleanser, my skin felt significantly softer and purified in comparison to my everyday face cleansers.

After testing this twice a week for the entire month so far, I have found that the results have been quite powerful already. My skin texture has greatly improved, pores appear smaller in certain areas and the natural redness I’ve always had on my chin has almost cleared completely. At no point did my skin act out or react against it. The silicone brush is very gentle on the skin but yet highly effective. In comparison to hand cleansing, using this device does make the skin feel much cleaner. I really like the super compact design, I think this is perfect to travel with or to take on the go. The Luna play comes with a full charge that is supposed to last up to 100 uses. It is a non-rechargeable device. All-in-all, after having been able to experiment with a quote-on-quote sample size, I am most definitely purchasing the regular mini in the near future that is how much of a difference it has made in my routine. If you’ve been looking into purchasing the Foreo but are not sure about the price versus what results you’re going to gain, I highly suggest trying this value set prior before committing to the big one. It’s a great way to save while still reaping the benefits.

Detailed description about the Day and Night Cleansers

“The Day Cleanser transforms from a creamy yogurt into an airy foam, bringing a daily morning indulgence. Bursting with mandarin, bergamot, and apricot fruit extracts, it awakens and purifies the skin, while the yogurt probiotics moisturize and protect it against daily external aggressions. The Night Cleanser begins as a silken gel that melts into velvety milk fused with the power of meteorite powder and almond oil that detoxifies and soothes the skin from impurities and pollutants.”

Next are the Sephora Collection masks in the Green Tea variety. Not too long ago I posted an in-depth article on the Sephora sheet masks, which you can read about right here. I will post a quick recap for reference. The only type of masks I use are sheet masks. They are a luxurious, rejuvenating experience that leaves my skin feeling re-energized, renewed and not to mention induces a glow that is unparalleled in comparison to other mask types. I very first discovered sheet masks back in 2014 by way of Sephora’s own in-house Face Mask collection and was instantly blown away by not only the results of how my complexion looked afterwards, but how amazing my skin felt as well. Ever since then, the Sephora line of Face Masks has been the only tried and true treatments I keep in rotation at all times. I love how effective these masks are and the actual immediate results they portray. I love how much their line has expanded over the years to include quite an account of skin issues and concerns. My favorites are the Rose and Lotus masks.

The Foreo Luna play has been a really good skincare discovery for me. I never thought something was missing from my skincare routine until I started incorporating this into it. If you prefer at-home pampering/spa treatments like me rather than going out and getting facials, this is a good DIY device to have on hand. I did look into Foreo’s regular lineup and prices still start at $100 +, that being said, once this little guy is depleted of uses I will make the investment into a larger size due to the significant improvements my skin has shown. I like that this is really compact and don’t take up much real estate on my already packed bathroom counter. I have never used a skincare device before so I have no references or comparisons to other brands. However, the Foreo seems to be a really good option for those looking to get their feet wet (like me) as it’s quite more universal with capabilities to cater to multiple skin types and concerns.

Do you have a favorite skin cleaning device? If so, which one and how has it improved your skin over time?

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