MAC Lip Scrubtious

January 17, 2017

MAC has released quite a few new items so far this January. One thing in particular that caught my eye was their Lip Scrubtious collection ($16 each / 0.05 fl oz – 14mL) with 5 sugar-based exfoliants that gently buff away dry and flaky skin powered by a formula enhanced with hydrating and nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft and smooth. I ordered all five flavors the day they launched and have been loving every single one since they arrived at my doorstep. When it comes to lip scrubs, I’m kind of picky. By no means do I have super sensitive lips or lips that react easily to product, however, have always taken a liking to concocting my own lip scrub creation using brown sugar, e.v.o.o. and honey. I seriously don’t know what it is this winter, but my skin and lips have never felt drier. I’ve already made the necessary adjustments to my skin care routine which have improved it tremendously, but my lips seem to be an aspect I cannot decode regardless of my efforts of incorporating daily sheet masks and various lip treatments to bring me sweet relief. Since I’m familiar with MAC’s current and previous (now discontinued) lip care offerings, it’s been a long time since they have featured an actual lip scrub among their vast beauty landscape. Suffice to say that when Lip Scrubtious launched, I couldn’t have fallen harder in love with the concept and have been pleasantly surprised at the results.

The five options include: Candied Nectar, Fruit of Passion, Summer Berry, Sweet Brown Sugar and Sweet Vanilla, and these are permanent additions to the line.

First up, the packaging is absolutely adorable – they come packaged in small round jars with coordinating colors to their respective flavors and are topped with the signature black MAC caps. Lip Scrubtious is sugar-based, which makes it an ideal component to gently remove dry, flaky patches. The formula is infused with conditioning ingredients like shea buter and grape seed oil, instantly softening the lips and leaving them feeling nourished. These are gritty in texture but have an emollient base so they glide easily on the lips. They do get a bit messy, but that is to be expected with a lip scrub. I take my ring finger and massage product onto the lips using circular motions, then wipe off with a slightly damp towel. Here’s a look at all five flavors:

  • Candied Nectar – is a peach colored scrub. It smells and tastes pretty much like a fresh nectarine, however I get hints of peach as well. Whenever I open the jar I get that feeling of walking into the fruit & produce section at the grocery store, it’s very refreshing.
  • Fruit of Passion – is a pink colored scrub. It smells and tastes very fruity but I cannot exactly pinpoint which varieties.
  • Summer Berry – is a purple colored scrub. It smells and tastes almost like mixed berries but slightly sweeter.
  • Sweet Brown Sugar – is a brown colored scrub. It smells and tastes exactly like brown sugar without being too sugary or sweet. The scent actually kind of reminds me of a candle aisle during the holidays.
  • Sweet Vanilla – is a white, frosty colored scrub. It tastes and smells exactly like vanilla but softer, think more the likes of sugar cookies.

Bottom line, it was about time that MAC released another lip care series as I have been wanting to see a collection exactly like this for the longest time. I’m definitely impressed with how silky smooth my lips are afterwards, and using a nourishing lip balm right after keeps them comfortable and lush for a few hours. These exfoliants effectively help remove dry patches and flakes. I did notice a significant decrease in my daily lip balm use in terms of that I don’t swipe as much as I did prior to using Lip Scrubtious. My lips have become noticeably smoother as well as overall healthier-looking with a little plumpness to go along with it. I have not been using these long enough to determine any long-term results, but for how notable the results have turned out so far, a big part of me does believe that these provide long-term lip healing benefits. These have been the ultimate lip savers this Winter and I mark them as absolute musts for me.

You can find the MAC Lip Scrubtious collection at MAC, Nordstrom and Macy’s.

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