Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color | Austin, Bradley & Graham

December 22, 2016

In November, Tom Ford launched 25 new shades and 25 repromoted colors of his elite Lips & Boys Lip Color ($36 each / 0.07 oz). This marks the third year in the series and for this edition a new velvety matte finish was introduced in addition to the metallic and satin formulas. Lips & Boys is one of the most legendary and fun launches during the Holiday season and I am beyond thrilled to share swatches of the 3 colors I picked up to date. Currently I’m still waiting for a few out-of-stock colors to come back in on Sephora, among them are Addison and the new Alexander. In the meanwhile, I have my neutral picks here to share with you guys!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection since its initial launch back in 2014. My first purchases were Addison, Beau and Orlando – and in my opinion were some of the best neutral colors I have ever owned. For those wanting to immerse themselves in Tom Ford lip colors, or the brand in general, these clutch-size lippies are the perfect medium to get started. The 2014 Lips & Boys edition is how I finally introduced myself to the Tom Ford Beauty line and became instantly hooked … much to my wallet’s dismay. The full-size lipsticks are on the expensive side, ringing in at over $50+ each, but I can fully attest that they are so worth the splurge as the formulas are unlike any other. In terms of pigment and texture, the Lips & Boys shades are of equal quality to his full-size tubes. The formula is luxuriously creamy, richly pigmented, have a good degree of hydration, glide on effortlessly and have amazing wear time. Tom Ford’s lip formulas are the only ones that don’t emphasize my lip lines and smooth out nicely on the lips.

A look at the color selection

Austin – is a warm pink nude. Satin finish.
Bradley – is a warm nude peach. Satin finish.
Graham – is at first sight a warm semi-sheer gold but looks to have a peach undercurrent depending on the lighting. Metallic finish.

Swatched on the arm

Swatched on the lips. For skin tone reference, I am not wearing any foundation and am completely barefaced here. My skin tone is medium with pink undertones.

These three made a pretty significant dent in my monthly beauty budget, but I have zero regrets as I’m absolutely over the moon with each single one. If I were pressed to pick just one favorite out of this current lineup, I’d have to say that Austin is my most worn shade. However, I give them all a huge thumbs up, including Graham which with its metallic finish I was a little hesitant toward wearing but it’s overall a wearable neutral. As always, with every new Lips & Boys edition, there’s plenty to love and this year is no different. Seriously cannot wait for the other colors to come back in stock!

New colors: Aaron, Alexander, Anderson, Ashton, Ben, Bradley, Christopher, Cristiano, Dominic, Douglas, Dylan, Elliot, Evan, Graham, Inigo, Jack, Jared, Jon, Logan, Mitchell, Nicholas, Ryan, Snowdon, Thomas and Travis.

Repromoted colors: Addison, Alejandro, Alex, Austin, Cary, Collin, Drake, Eric, Flynn, Giacomo, Hiro, Ian, Jake, James, Joaquin, Julian, Justin, Leonardo, Luciano, Michael, Patrick, Rafael, Richard, Roberto and Tony.

The Tom Ford Lips and Boys are available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-A-Porter and all Tom Ford Beauty counters as well as his official website.

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