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Mikasa Beauty Techni 4-Piece Brush Set

December 14, 2016

Since I am a beauty blogger and overall the in-house fanatic that tests quite a few products on a monthly basis, my family, friends and even co-workers often task me to voice my opinion on what are the best so and so in such and such categories. Face brushes were the latest topic of discussion. My top favorite face tools include the almighty pink Beautyblender, which I use for all base application, and a few Real Techniques brushes (which I discussed here) to pull the rest of the workload. As soon as I mentioned the Beautyblender, shrugs and skepticism followed by statements that they tried the sponge before and cannot seem to get the hang of using such. They asked me what brushes in my opinion were the best for foundation and other liquid/cream-based products with the top requirement being that they have to deliver streak-free application plus the added benefit of not taking extra effort to blend product into the skin. Basically, completely foolproof. Even though I advocated hard for the Beautyblender sweetening the deal with a show & tell of how I personally use it, they were impossible to convert and informed me that they feel more comfortable using brushes since that’s all they’ve ever known. Taking into consideration their needs, wants and desires, my suggested brand included Mikasa Beauty – more specifically their Techni 4-Piece Set ($80). Given the fact that I am beyond picky in regards to brushes, I have always been highly skeptical that I would find anything as good as the Beautyblender for basic face applications. And then I tested the Techni brushes.

The Techni 4-Piece Set include:

Techni L2 Linear Brush: With a narrow row of fibres, about 1-3mm wide, this brush creates a firm, precise line along the upper and lower lash lines. Also defines and fills brows, and can be used to define the lips.
Techni O2 Oval (S) Brush: The perfect multi-purpose tool. This brush can be used for precise application of contour products. It can also be used to apply a soft wash of color to the eyelid or brow bone. It easily blends powder or cream eye shadows, face powders, and liquid or cream concealers in the hard-to-reach contours of the face. Made of 100% synthetic fibres. Features an ultra-durable, flexible handle, and a tilted brush head for ultimate precision.
Techni C2 Circle Brush: A round brush with a curved dome tip. Applies and blends product into the eyelid crease. Can also be used to apply and blend products with precision to small areas such as around the eye or nostrils. Made of 100% synthetic fibres. Features an ultra-durable, flexible handle, and a tilted brush head for ultimate precision.
Techni O6 Oval (M) Brush: Medium brush head to allow for more precision. This brush is excellent for application of blush, foundation, contour, or setting powder. This rounded, medium sized brush allows for even, flawless blending to small and large areas of the face and cheeks.

The Techni brushes are high-end professional grade made of 100% synthetic fibers and are equipped with an ultra-durable, flexible handle and a tilted brush head for spot-on precise application. Each Mikasa Beauty brush goes through several tests to determine the type of hair, or the mixture it needs for the best performance. The bristles on the Techni brushes are densely packed with a firm feel that is not by any means stiff, and glide gently over the face blending makeup smoothly into the skin. They seem to soak up a tiny bit of product but relative to the Beautyblender, not as much. After having tested all four, I find that the overall quality of the brushes compares to and is on par with the likes of MAC and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

I’m truly impressed with how good my foundation, concealer, cream contour looked using the Techni brushes. They give flawless coverage that is completely streak and patch free. I like these the best with liquid and cream-based products because the application is amazing and blends product beautifully giving my face an ideal finish that cuts it close to looking airbrushed. While $80 may appear like a splurge as far as brushes are concerned – they are really well made with durable handles and a high performance constructed design. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed once you see the results for yourself and how absolutely gorgeous your makeup looks afterwards. In summary, these brushes have rightfully earned a permanent spot in my collection and I give Mikasa 2 really big thumbs up.

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