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Nars Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette

December 13, 2016

For Spring 2017, Nars has launched the limited edition NARSissist Unfiltered I + II Cheek Palettes ($59 each / 0.72 oz). The new NARSissist volume first became available on during Cyber Monday as part of an early Spring preview event which included fresh releases from Nars, Smashbox, Too Faced, among others. If you are a VIB Rouge member and have Sephora’s app on your phone, you should have received a notification about an early access invite the Sunday before Cyber Monday. On instinct, I snagged the Unfiltered II Palette as soon as the notification popped up on my phone because I already knew that these were going to be a hot sell – and they were. The Unfiltered Cheek Palettes have since gone live on Sephora’s website on 12/6 and will become available on as well as in stores on 12/15. There are two versions available of the new palette. Unfiltered I is warm, bold and richer in tone; as to where Unfiltered II is cooler and softer overall. Both palettes come equipped with a total of 6 shades, which 5 of them are limited edition and also includes 1 repromoted color. I purchased Unfiltered II because Nars palettes excite me in general and the pink melody of colors looked nothing short of perfect.

The palette consists of 6 shades with a well balanced mix of matte, sheen and shimmer finishes ranging from light to dark hues. All colors with the exception of Hot Sand are exclusive and limited edition. For those of you who are curious, in Unfiltered I the repromoted color is Exhibit A (aka, the red shade). Like all Nars blushes, the pigment is quite impressive. The textures are silky smooth and buttery soft making them effortless to blend into the skin for a lovely glow with a pinch of natural-looking color. The colors have optimal payoff, melting beautifully into the complexion and last all day on me from morning until nighttime.


The palette is housed in a moden black rectangular case with a reflective pink surface that has almost a mini clutch-like feel to it. Also, on the inside there is a generous-sized mirror. It’s very well made even though it’s plastic and has a sturdy closure. I think this is a good option for travel the way its constructed and due to its compact design aside from the versatile range of blushes.

A look at the color selection

Conquest – is described as a pastel peach but to me reads as a warm light pink with yellow undertones. Matte finish / Limited edition.
Undefeated – is described as a pale pink but to me reads as a warm light to medium pink with a frost. Shimmer finish / Limited edition.
Power Play – is described as a vivid pink but to me reads as a warm light to medium pink with blue undertones. Matte finish / Limited edition.
Hot Sand – is described as a peach champagne but to me reads as a light to medium champagne peach with yellow undertones. Sheen finish / Repromote.
Fame – is described as a pink amber but to me reads as a warm light to medium coral. Sheen finish / Limited edition.
Candid – is described as a mauve raspberry but to me reads as a cool medium-toned plum with a hint of blue undertones. Matte finish / Limited edition.

Swatched on the arm

In my honest opinion, this palette is a must-have but then again I’m a little biased since I go hard for Nars products, especially the NARSissist editions. This palette fulfills all of my blush dreams despite that it contains matte colors and I’m not necessarily a fan of matte anything. Glow is the way to go. I think that between the two versions, investing in Unfiltered II turned out to be the best option for my skin tone and preference. The price point is kind of staggering but for the amount of product you receive it kind of balances each other out. The palettes accordingly are part of Nars’ Spring 2017 collection, and as good as this already is I absolutely cannot wait for what else they have in store!

Have you checked out the Unfiltered Cheek Palettes yet? What do you think?

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