October 4, 2016

Keranique Hair Regrowth System

Growing up Italian, I inherited quite a few positive physical traits that I’ve always been proud of; dark luscious long hair, a Coke bottle body shape, unwieldy yet nicely proportioned large boobs that cropped around age 11 and had me benched with fake “my daughter has her period” notes because they restricted my ability to excel at PE, a complex accent that always seems to be going through an identity crisis but still sounds pleasantly exotic. Occasionally I’ve also been known to berate and often curse the negative physical traits passed down to me; the signature Roman nose, rather harsh facial features, unbelievably bushy eyebrows … or eyebrow, I should say until I discovered the magic of plucking, lack of olive in my skin tone, etc. In the grand scheme of things, none of these ever perturbed me that much as they are simply physical and if there’s something I don’t like, then well hey, makeup. There’s absolutely nothing that a little contouring can’t fix. That being said, there’s no amount of makeup and nothing that could have prepared me for the aftermath of the years of self-inflicted damage I (unknowingly?) brought upon myself that led to having to face the reality of my rapidly thinning hair last year. So drastic,in fact, that it called for a quasi heating tool intervention as well as changing my entire hair care system overnight. 

I ended elementary and began freshman year with the hair I’ve always known; long naturally wavy hair that extended down to my lower back. I ended my 20’s with short, thinned out, fragile hair that barely touched below my shoulders. Or wet thin spaghetti, as I like to call it.

The vast years between my teens and late twenties I will truthfully admit that I had done my fair share of exposing my once shiny bountiful locks to various chemical processes, going years without a professional trim or dye job and of course the careless use of numerous heating tools that at one point may or may not have included a crimping iron. During those years I never really minded much thought to what I was in fact doing to my own hair – which I can conclude now basically, I was killing it slowly. Having exposed my hair to so much strain and abuse all the while though, my hair remained the exact same as it had always been the entire time since I was wee little. It was still long, it was still thick, it was still wavy – so how did we go from surviving most of my twenties to last year when I stood in the mirror asking myself “where did it all go?”.

And then it suddenly all clicked as I looked around my bathroom floor where strands of my hair were helplessly laying defeated in bunches; I had fucking burned it all of. Literally!

It was about mid last year when I had taken on a promotion that was offered to me at my job. And it was also exactly at that same time where I started a stretch of spending an astonishing amount of hours and a significant amount of effort personally destroying my once long, voluminous, gorgeous hair, winding up standing in the mirror one night with tears in my eyes because it had thinned so alarmingly much that I might as well have been bald. Literally, there was barely anything left. It was all because I started this new position that required for me to appear polished as I dealt with the public every single day. Since I already love my makeup and I take a lot of pride in my personal style as well as my appearance, I started paying more mind to my day to day hairstyle choices which mostly consisted it being straight because I was operating under the false assumption that’s when I looked my best. My naturally wavy hair looked “like a bum that rolled out of bed”, as I had been told many times in the past. Curling my hair with an iron or hot rollers made me look too mature. Whatever the hell that means. Once I wore my hair completely straight, that’s when feedback came back positive and they could not get enough of it. And in my own eyes, straight hair made me look much more youthful. Day after day I was glued to my straightener for a good hour or so ironing out the kinks of my natural hair in order to achieve this straight masterpiece that took 10 years off my face. 

After butchering my hair with the flat iron for a few months, I began to notice that every single time I’d straighten out a strand more hair came falling out than the previous time. I started noticing more hair in my brush and bathroom sink. I had began to notice that my ends were extremely dry and frail. While anyone else would have stopped right there and evaluated the situation to see what was going on – not me, because my obsession to appease my peers as well as my own blind notion to looking younger had me reaching for the flat iron every morning before work continuing this path of destruction while gradually watch it break off more every time I ironed it.

The sad part here is that I knew I was the cause behind my thinning hair but I could not stop because I liked myself better with straight hair and was dissatisfied with how I looked any other way.

Fast forward to one night in May this year. It was late and we both were laying in bed, he’s watching TV and I’m half asleep sliding in and out of consciousness when a commercial for the Keranique 30 Day Discovery Kit came on. My guy knows how incredibly sensitive I am when it comes to my hair situation, but he nudged me awake and had me watch the commercial. As gently as he could he said “why don’t you give that a try?”. Being extremely skeptical towards supposed miracle growth systems, I scoffed and went straight to Google to unearth reviews that would inevitably inform me that none of it worked. Deep inside I was clinging on to the hope that there were more positive feedback than negative because for one, if it did work than I needed this in my life asap. Not only had I arrived at the stage where I nearly looked bald, but you know you’re thoroughly screwed when you invested money in hair extensions and there’s not enough hair on your scalp to hide the clips. Luckily, about 90% of the reviews I scoured through came back with good results, and the next day I was online ordering the discovery kit which arrived a few days later.

What does it do?

The Stimulating Shampoo provides extra moisture to thin hair without weighing it down. It was designed to cleanse the scalp and follicle, removing dirt and buildup while creating an environment that is primed to receive treatment. Featuring a patented needle nose applicator for precise application, the cream-gel Volumizing Keratin Conditioner gently moisturizes damaged hair for a soft, shiny finish. Lift & Repair Treatment Spray provides volume and lift to hair while protecting delicate strands from heat tools, resulting in less frizz and split ends. The Hair Regrowth Treatment contains minoxidil—the only FDA approved ingredient that treats hair loss. Hair will look and feel softer, less dry, and more voluminous.

The Keranique 30 Day Discovery Kit comes with a shampoo, conditioner and hair regrowth serum. It contains a 4.5 oz Stimulating Shampoo Deep Hydration, a 4.5 oz Volumizing Keratin Conditioner Deep Hydration and a 2 oz Hair Regrowth Treatment with Minoxdil Easy Precision Sprayer, all of which should be used in tandem. I designated a day of the week where I would start this new regimen and would keep track of results as time progressed. It’s October now which means I’ve been actively using it for give or take 5 months, here are my thoughts:

In the beginning, washing my hair twice a week with the shampoo and conditioner, and religiously spraying the Minoxidil (must be used consistently in order to see results: six sprays twice a day) twice a day, I wasn’t seeing any results as fast I wanted to. Of course, being the least patient person in the world, I had already written it off but would keep on using it anyway until it was gone because I had money put into it. The shampoo and conditioner combo did make my hair feel soft and thicker after washing, which yay, without weighing it down and it feels/looks fuller throughout the whole day. It was not until week 8 when I finally started to see baby hairs come in around the hairline and “new hair” springing about on my center-part. Especially around the crown area I noticed it was a lot fuller than it used to be and even around the temples a significant amount of regrowth had taken place. I was concerned that the ingredients found in the system would strip my hair of its color, but fortunately it didn’t and I find that my hair looks much shinier and healthier than it did before. Overall, the system is foolproof. You basically lather, rinse, repeat with both shampoo and conditioner assuring it gets to sit in the hair for a good 1-2 minutes before rinsing. I’m still not a fan of the harsh smell or the tingling of my scalp, but I told myself if it works I can totally deal with it. The products are lightweight and clean, definitely helped my hair become much stronger and now I don’t have as many strands falling out as I did prior. 

Easy to use, gentle on the hair and scalp, not to mention actually effective. Of course, my hair is not back to its natural thickness at this point, but I’m only on month 5 and I read that it takes consistent use of all 3 products and more time in order for better results to appear. So far, the results have been dramatic and if I have to use this specific system for the rest of my life than so be it. I also made the drastic change of laying off the heating tools, now I might only use the flat iron or curler once every blue moon and leave my hair be the rest of the time. This has also helped improve my hair’s structure and texture tremendously.

This starting kit is great for anyone who is looking for great results as I did. It really grows out your hair in the problem areas and gives it more oomph. It’s amazing how much my appearance has transformed as a result of using the kit. For women with thinning hair, there might not be anything better on the market than the Keranique hairgrowth system. All-in all, I give this 5 stars and 2 big thumbs up!

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