September 27, 2016

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer In Luminous Bronze Light

Last year Hourglass launched a new addition to the Ambient Lighting collection with the Ambient Lighting Bronzer ($50 each / 0.39 oz). I stopped by Sephora about three weeks ago to pick up some last minute items for an impromptu trip out of town and that’s how I ended up with the travel-size version (.05 oz) of the shade Luminous Bronze Light. There are two shade selections to the Ambient Lighting Bronzer collection:

Luminous Bronze Light – which is described as a medium tan shade fused with Luminous Light, a champagne pearl powder, for a softer, candlelit warmth.

Radiant Bronze Light – which is described as a warm bronze shade fused with Radiant Light, a golden beige powder, to mimic a summer glow.

If you own any of the Ambient Lighting products, surely you’re familiar with the unique Photoluminescent Technology that transform the look of skin by manipulating and refracting light to emphasize your best features. The bronzers, like the Hourglass blushes, are infused with a highlighter that add optimal depth and dimension to the face with a very soft luminous shimmer and natural glowy finish. Despite that there is a degree of shimmer particles found in the bronzer the formula does not emphasize pores. The texture is super smooth, as per usual with anything I’ve tried from the Ambient Lighting collection, and is real easy to blend. Just like with the blushes, it’s easy to underestimate the pigmentation and saturation of both the color and highlighter – trust me when I say that the color is richly pigmented and so is the highlighter portion and I advise that a little goes a long way.

Luminous Bronze Light runs warm without being orange. On my medium skin tone (Nars Vallauris) it shows very well although in the color description it states that this particular shade works ideal on fair / light complexions. Since the overall color does run warm, I suspect that for the extremely fair the end result might be teetering towards becoming too orange, even being a little ruddy. This bronzer last all day without fading, sliding or oxidizing.

Closeup image of the color:

Swatched on the arm:

I’m over the moon with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light. As most of you know, bronzer is my kryptonite and this one fed right into my addiction without a hitch. Even though the full sized compact comes with a hefty $50 price tag, after having ran through the travel-size at rapid speed I can honestly say that I’m totally down for investing in the larger size because it’s so worth it. The color is absolutely beautiful and it lasts all day. I love how it does not have over-the-top shimmer and adds just the right amount of glow to give the face depth and dimension. It looks so smooth on the skin and even enhances it into looking better. All-in-all, worth.every.penny!

Side-by-side compact size comparisons. Remember, the bronzer (left) is a travel size!:

What is your favorite Hourglass product?

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