September 19, 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo In Kink And Kisses

In July of this year the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo by Marc Jacobs Beauty ($42 each / 0.282 oz) made its official debut with a total of five mesmerizing shades. Out of the 5 extremely versatile colors, I purchased the shade Kink & Kisses around the beginning of August and have been utterly obsessed with it ever since. This was truly one of those instances where the term “love at first swipe” came into play as the entire experience could be closely described as orgasmic. Yes, my loves, from application to color, texture, wear and beyond – it’s just that damn good. Besides bronzer and eyeshadow, blush is one of my favorite products to work with because it can breathe life into the face within literally an instant – the Air Blush by MJB is quite unique in concept and formula as the compacts are constructed with a striped design alternating colors of the two primary shades consisting of a light and a dark. Not only does the overall design make the blending portion effortless, it offers the ability to customize regarding color or intensity. The latter was what completely baited me into spending $42 on a blush. Trust me when I say that I was not one bit pleased with the price, but after having used it progressively over the last month and a half or so, I can honestly state that it’s worth every single penny.

After an intense standoff between Kink & Kisses and Lines & Last Night, I decided to go with Kink & Kisses – which is described as a pale petal/peachy rose but to me reads as a pretty peachy pink. Because every girl needs a good pink blush in her life, right? Right. I was rather hesitant about picking a blush color sight unseen, but Kink & Kisses turned out to the best pick ever for my skin tone. It flatters, it harmonizes, it compliments my other makeup, all-in-all, absolutely flawless. When I first saw the Air Blush in person, it kind of reminded me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushesreviewed here -, as it appeared to be in the same vein of the compacts consisting of two colors, one being light and the other dark. The only difference between the two constructions is that the Hourglass blushes are infused with a highlighting shade so the product contains more of a high impact sheen with a slight dose of shimmer. As to where the MJB blushes are comprised of a light and dark color that alternate between one another and produces more of a natural-looking luminous glow sans shimmer. Period. The MJB blush formula is quite perfect for someone who does not want a blush packed with shimmer, but does want something that leaves behind a gorgeous dusting of color with a natural-looking glow and sheen.

Each MJB blush compact comes with the unique striped design that alternates between the two primary colors, which naturally makes blending the shades together so much easier. Not only that, each end of the compact has a slight larger area of the reigning colors so you are in full control over the color and intensity. The left side has the lighter finish, and the right side has more pigment with a darker finish. The customization aspect is what drew me in. While blush is such a beautiful thing to work with, you’re literally one dab or contrasting undertone away from it becoming a total train wreck. Personally, I prefer more glow with just a small trace of color to don my cheeks in, so I will take my blush brush and swipe over the left side for a soft and diffused luminous look. The texture is super soft, almost silk-like and adds a naturally radiant glow and soft sheen to the skin that mimics the finish of actual skin as opposed to the powdery look many blushes can end up looking like without emphasizing pores or imperfections. The pigment in this blush is quite good and lasts from morning until evening without fading, becoming patchy or moving around. After buffing product into the skin, the color starts out a little on the sheer side but you can totally layer it for a more dramatic effect. The finish is absolutely superb as it strikes the perfect balance between satin and shimmer that gives the skin a over-the-top gorgeous and natural luminous look.

Closeup image of the color:

Swatched on the arm individually and then blended:

Albeit that the $42 price tag still has me on the fence, I really like this blush. No, scratch that – I love this blush. Kink & Kisses turned out to be a great match for my medium skin tone with its peachy pink greatness. Despite that there are only 5 total shades to select from, after studying swatches online on different skin tones, and having gone to a Sephora that carried the MJB brand and swatching the other colors for myself, it seems that the colors are versatile enough to work on a wide range of skin tones. The satin-like finish illuminates the skin easily for well over 8 hours without fading or moving around. The overall design makes the blush foolproof and you have full control over color or intensity. I do have to say that the color did oxidize on me just a tad around hour 5 or so, but it merely warmed up without turning the color all-together. Formula is definitely up to par with that of a luxury brand (thinking among the lines of Chanel). Plus, the sleek packaging is to die for. Although this blush is considered a splurge, I can say with brutal honesty that you won’t be disappointed if you decided you need one of these in your life.

Have you tried the Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duos yet? Which shade is your favorite?

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