August 29, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles 

Ever since Ulta started carrying more products from the expanded Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup line, I’ve been exploring the brand more and more and have been both really pleased and excited with everything I’ve been able to add to my collection so far. Naturally I was head-over-heels when I found out that Ulta had the complete 84-piece single eyeshadow series available online and jumped to the opportunity to take advantage of the 4 for $40 + a free empty magnetized 4-pan eyeshadow compact deal. The Anastasia Eyeshadows come in single pan format so you have the freedom and full control to create a customized eyeshadow palette consisting solely of the colors you want. As a devoted and hardcore natural makeup lover, the notion of picking out colors sight unseen was quite a harrowing experience as I’m one of those people who needs to see everything in person before settling on a purchase. The entire process of sitting in front of the computer screen narrowing down picks based on online swatches from multiple sites was kind of overwhelming because there are so many options, plus, I wanted to assure that the colors I picked out were the right ones for me and I would actually wear them. Also, this process took well over an hour before I finally decided on these 4.

You can buy the Eyeshadow Singles for $12 each and depending where you go you either get the empty 4-pan compact for free or can add it for a few dollars. There are 84 colors available with a range of different textures covering shimmer, matte, metallic, satin and glitter, and the pans vary in weight depending on what finish you choose. I picked out 2 satin finishes and 2 metallic finishes for first-round picks to test.

Despite that I was rather nervous as to what the colors would ultimately look like in real person, I am very happy to report that all 4 that I picked turned out to be the perfect fit. Perhaps I just got lucky even though my decisions were based solely on online swatches. I was a bit concerned that the lighter shade would maybe be too frosty, or if all of them were too glittery – but they turned out to be everything that I hoped for.

Across all 4, these shades are amazing. Just absolutely stunning. They are super pigmented, almost dramatically like the Glow Kit I reviewed recently, but the textures are soft so they blend and layer easily for a more natural and diffused look. The colors applied to the lid smoothly with very minimal fallout – there will be a slight bit of flecks coming down while applying the product, but once they’re on the lids they stay in place easily from morning until late night without fading, creasing or budging. The finish of these are flawless. They are versatile in coverage meaning you can apply all with a dry brush for a more natural, everyday look, but you can also use a damp brush with some of the formulas for a more dramatic and intense finish that almost looks wet once it sets.

A roundup of the shades I picked out plus accompanying weights:

Amber (0.059 oz) – a rich, warm multidimensional gold with a satin finish and a hint of shimmer
Brownie (0.059 oz) – a warm gold-flecked brown with metallic finish
Glisten (0.059 oz) – a peachy beige with a metallic finish and a subtle bronze undertone
Topaz (0.059 oz) – a warm bronze gold with a satin finish

Swatched on the arm:

These eyeshadows deserve all the hype that has been thrown their way. They exceeded my expectations and did not fail to impress me in all areas. Every single color I tested hit the mark as high as it can get in terms of color, texture, formula, blendability, wear time, pigment with the overall quality just being top notch. They are easy blend and layer, stay put all day long, the pigment is intense, and the color selection while overwhelming is actually really diverse to cater to a multitude of personal preferences. All-in-all, my first adventure with the Anastasia Single Eyeshadows was a major success and I cannot wait to explore more of the colors and add more compacts to my stash!

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