August 15, 2016

Too Faced Brow Quickie

I have very mixed feelings about tinted brow gel products. Mainly because my eyebrows are sparse and generally require a little more work to reach Instagram-worthy status than what a wand covered in mascara-like goop can offer. I have religiously used the It Cosmetics Build-A-Brow Waterproof 5-In-1 Micro-Fiber Crème Stain in Universal Taupe ($24 / 0.14 oz) – reviewed here – for little more over a year in combination with the Anastasia Brow Whiz ($24 / 0.003 oz). Both are great for shaping, contouring and filling in the brows without the risk of overdoing it once you find that delicious butter-zone and you decoded exactly the amount of product your brows personally need. It was a trial-and-error process, of course, but after more than a whole year I can honestly say that this combo gives me the shape + volume for the most natural-looking arches. Which, if you have sparse/patchy brows, is a grande feat in itself to achieve.

A few months back I was promoted within the company I work for and now all of my work days start when the alarm rings off at 4.30 AM. With that comes more days than not that I seriously cannot muster the energy to participate in a full-face of makeup for optimal fleekiness. On those days I resort to my 5 AM Face, which consists of less product and all range in the cream formula spectrum because using cream is both fast and easy since it allows me to use my fingers in lieu of brushes and there’s minimal to no blending required when it’s all said and done. Also part of my 5 AM face is trading in my usual brow routine for something more effortless, i.e.; a tinted brow gel. My go-to for that portion is brought to you by the Benefit Gimme Brow ($24 / 0.01 oz) – reviewed here -. I absolutely love this little tube because it has great color payoff, lasts literally all day even through heat and sweat without smudging, and the wand is designed so small that it coats and reaches in even the most difficult of nooks without getting messy. All-in-all, simply an amazing product. However, just like any other beauty obsessive, it’s in my DNA always wanting to try different and new even when the system is not broken. This avenue drove me to try the Too Faced Brow Quickie in the recent months.

I find it rare to discover multiple items I test from the same category rank high in terms of performance, but this is one of those occasions. I will fully admit to the fact that I’m relatively a noob to the tinted brow gel world mainly because my brows are not susceptible to anything that easy and as I said, require more elbow grease to achieve an actual presence. I tested the Brow Quickie for the last couple of weeks the same way and through the same conditions as I have the Gimme Brow for a few years now. The Brow Quickie is quite impressive and perfect to create a natural look on the fly or if you have a little more brow that only calls for spot-filling here and there. The brush is a slight bit bigger than that of the Gimme Brow, but has a precision tip that nonetheless easily helps fill in any gaps or sparse areas by adhering to the skin and hair for full, defined brows. The formula has fiber gel technology that mimics real hair where there is none and actually as you sweep on as many layers as you personally see fit or need, brows seemingly become more voluminous.

Swatched on a paper towel:

The Brow Quickie comes in two universal colors, and I chose the shade Universal Brunette since my brows are naturally black. Texture of the goop is pretty creamy and it dries down to a medium-dark brown within about 10 seconds or so and blends easily into my existing brow hairs for a natural appearance. My only stipulation with the Universal Brunette shade is that as the hours carry on, I start to notice a apparent subtle red undertone, which if you have black brows this is not a good look. This may not be the case for those of you who have naturally brunette brows, but having brows from the deeper pool there was quite a bit of contrast in color for me. Using the Brow Whiz as a base this did help diminish that occurrence, but I prefer to just swipe my brows and go on with my day without putting in too much effort.

Product details on packaging:

Final thoughts: Brow Quickie did exceed my expectations. As someone who is relatively inexperienced, as well as reserved, when it comes to experimenting with various brow products, this tinted brow gel is great for someone who wants both a soft, natural look as well as definition on the go. The gel is really easy to apply and also easy to build without the possibility of going into overkill. If you prefer the strong brow game, this may be just a little too soft for you. I applied about 3 layers once and while it did emphasize my arches and made them appear thicker, the red undertone issue became so much more apparent at that point. I would say that this gel may just be better as a quick sweep and go- kind of product. For me, at least. The formula is nicely pigmented and has waterproof wear that wore for well over 12 hours on me without smudging or fading. In fact, by hour 13 my brows were still intact but wasn’t it for me falling asleep on the couch I would have not lost the tail of my lefty somewhere on the pillow. Poor couch pillow has seen battle a lot since I started this shift, let me tell ya! I think this is a great everyday product that would work on multiple brow types, from sparse to full in need of spot-treating. It’s foolproof, it’s quick and easy, I give it a thumbs up.

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