August 10, 2016

The Estée Edit Flash Illuminator In Morning Light And Night Light

Earlier this year Estée Lauder launched a new beauty line called, The Estée Edit. The Estée Edit is a line of mostly makeup and a few skincare items curated by today’s biggest influencers, two Guest Editors, Kendall Jenner and Korean model and social media star Irene Kim, and is exclusively sold on sephora.com as well as in stores. The line is designed to appeal to a younger and edgier crowd with an overall flashier look and feel compared to that of the classic Estée Lauder line. Think of The Estée Edit as a younger and revamped version of the traditional brand but with its affluent inherent DNA still rooted deeply within. I’ve had my eye on The Estée Edit ever since I found out about it a few months ago, and scrolling through their social media feeds alone convinced me that I needed just about everything they have to offer in my life. Just take all my moneyyyyyy!!!!! I’ve been testing out a few items from the line and the first man up is a review of the Flash Illuminator ($28 / 0.58 oz) in the shades Morning Light and Night Light.

The Flash Illuminators are hybrid complexion luminizers that pair hydrating skincare ingredients with instant illumination. According to their online description; “This high-impact highlighting cream instantly illuminates skin while providing skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a moisture magnet. Formulated with a blend of micro-fine pearls for a soft, luminous glow, the lightweight, non-sticky balm glides effortlessly over skin for a baby-soft finish.” They can be worn as a liquid highlight, for strobing purposes, as blush or shade, and of course can be mixed in with foundation for an all-over luminous glow. And as the cherry on top, for a radiant look from head-to-toe you can mix the Flash Illuminators in with your body lotion and apply all over. By comparison to my other current liquid illuminators, these Estée Edit illuminators have a bit more pigment to them but sheer out quite tremendously into a subtle hint of sheen once blended on top of makeup as a highlight. When mixed in with foundation it does give a gorgeous radiant glow that lasts literally all day without changing the color of my foundation. I prefer the latter, of course, because mama loves herself some dew. In terms of texture for a liquid illuminator, it has a lightweight feel and is also very hydrating. Application is effortless, even when used by itself underneath foundation it glides on so smoothly leaving my skin feeling soft without a sticky film.

The product comes encased in a modern plastic bottle with a pump to easily dispense product. One pump is usually enough to mix in with my foundation. There are a total of 5 shades currently available, I have no information regarding whether they are going to expand the line with more colors. The 2 shades I own, Morning Light and Night Light, are similar in pigment with sheer to light/medium coverage. Morning Light is a foolproof illuminator with a golden glow that can be used a number of ways as described above with the exception of strobing as the pearl illuminator will work the best for that purpose. Night Light is a tossup because it’s slightly on the deeper side. This shade works amazing when mixed in with foundation and will most likely work the best for tanned, medium and dark skin tones. On darker complexions it could also work as a highlighter since the overall color is a bronze with golden undertones. On fairer complexions this shade may be a little too dark but could potentially work as a liquid contour/bronzer instead. For me, both shades give a noticeable glow but the effect is quite more natural almost like it’s a moisturizer instead of a liquid highlight:

Spot Light – is a pearly white that adds a soft-focus highlight
Morning Light – is for golden glowing highlights
Sun Light – for a warm terracotta glow
Day Light – is a rosy hue that doubles as a cream blush
Night Light – a bronzy glow that doubles as a shading cream

Swatched on the arm:

Since I already own quite a bit of liquid illuminators, when I first got the Flash Illuminators I thought there might be a chance that they would be exactly like the typical luminizer and that there would be no wow factor, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started my testing period. For a soft and radiant glow and hydration I have come to love these more than I initially expected. Thanks to the skincare ingredients infused with the lightweight formula, both colors offer long-lasting hydration while keeping my skin looking luminous and fresh all day. If you’re looking for lots of pigment in a liquid highlighter, you may find these a little underwhelming because they do sheer out into a more subtle sheen as opposed to “other planets seeing you from space” sort of highlight. If you’re going to use these as a highlighter, I recommend using your fingers to apply the product as opposed to a brush because not only will the finish be more natural, but you also get optimal color deposit. A little does go a long way this stuff so start small and build from there. Otherwise, mixing the Flash Illuminators with your foundation or applied underneath works perfectly for a soft, utterly gorgeous luminosity. The formula is lightweight so it doesn’t suffocate your pores while you’re wearing it and gives the skin a smooth and soft-to-the-touch finish. The texture is creamy like a moisturizer and blends into the skin like heaven.

Bottom line is, I am a fan over here, in love, and can’t wait to see what The Estée Edit will grow into as more products will be added over time.

Have you tried anything from The Estée Edit yet? What’s your favorite product so far?

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