June 10, 2016

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush In Luminous Flush

Besides Nars and MAC, Hourglass is one of my personally top-rated brands when it comes to blushes. Recently I hit the Nordstrom Beauty section pretty hard, and in my little collective haul I ended up purchasing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ($38 each / 0.15 oz) in the shade Luminous Flush. The 7 color range, which uses Photoluminescent Technology as stated by Hourglass, mixes the customized lighting effects of their famous Ambient Lighting Powder formula with a spectrum of breathtakingly modern hues for the most natural, luminescent finish your cheeks could be donned in. These blushes were released about 2 years ago, and when they first launched I picked up the shade Dim Infusion which is a light coral color. While I really loved this blush, it was a little too light for me and this time around I picked up Luminous Flush instead which is a champagne rose blush with a candlelight glimmer finish. Upon first sight, the color sitting in the pan once again looked quite light to me and I had this instant notion that the formula would be on the sheer side. Was I wrong! The pigment is insanely intense and not to be underestimated when applying. Swirling your brush around the pan and then tapping off excess product, one to two light-handed swipes is really all you need in order to get the Hourglass radiant finish with a perfect, natural glow.

The texture is as I remember it from using Dim Infusion, buttery soft and smooth. The formula is lightweight and real easy to blend. As I said before, the pigment of Luminous Flush is quite intense and not much layering, if any, is required in order for color and depth to show up. It’s very consistent when applying so this avoids the awkward patches or random streaks of grained color you may experience in certain circumstances with other blushes. A feat that definitely needs to be noted is that the lasting power of these blushes are beyond spectacular. I wore Luminous Flush for almost 12 hours and none of the intensity had diminished by the time I started removing my makeup. With some of the blushes in my collection the color usually dims down but is still there albeit not as apparent when I first applied it – this blush on the other hand looked like I had touched up during the day.

Overall, Luminous Flush has made it to holy grail status within my collection and I reach for it quite often because I very much enjoy the hybrid formula of blush + highlighter since I love a good natural yet luminous, lit-from-within look. The shade is absolutely gorgeous, and I may just need to stock up on another one of these – I’m thinking Diffused Heat next. Bottom line, in my opinion every woman should own at least one of the Ambient Lighting Blushes. Yes, you and everyone else because everyone deserves to own at least one good luxury quality blush and I think this can be justified by how impressively the Ambient Lighting Blush collection performs.

Here’s a swatch taken in daylight behind glass. For some reason my camera did not, or would not, pick up the luminous finish that this blush comes with. Since each of these blushes are handmade, no formula or blush looks the same. The pink in this blush represents the blush color, while the white is the actual highlight. I was afraid that my compact would contain more blush in lieu of highlight, but it turned to be a good 50/50 balance. I can assure you this swatch does the shade absolutely no justice since it neglected to pick up the highlight portion. I was kind of disappointed in my camera after a dozen or so tries trying to capture it.

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