June 8, 2016

Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint In Namaste

Last year Tarte released their Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint line ($20 / 0.20 oz) consisting of 15 vibrant and ultra pigmented liquid lipsticks. About a month or two ago I picked up the shade Namaste, a nude with warm peachy undertones that has a semi-matte finish. After swatching some of their other nude-like colors, I settled on this particular shade because it came the closest to an actual beige/nude. It’s a gorgeous high-definition nude, something I obviously would fall in love with, but I’m still indecisive of how I feel about the actual wear. The formula is extremely saturated so it swipes on in full coverage mode upon first application with an even and smooth finish. The texture can be compared to that of a mouse-like substance, which it does state in the description, however felt so much more dry than I initially anticipated. The finish is that of a semi-matte with a tinge of gloss. At first I felt as if the lip paint was too emollient and that it was going to slide right off, instead it dried down as a semi-matte that was less on the liquid side so in return it felt dry on the lips. Due to the mix of not setting all the way plus being on the already drying side, most of the product sank into the lines of my lips and emphasized their natural texture. I’m a notorious lip picker so this is of course, no bueno.

The color itself is richly pigmented and has an amazing payoff. On me the color wore for about 2 hours and it did transfer onto surfaces my lips touched throughout the testing period.

I really want to give this product at least 1 thumbs up. I absolutely love the color and the payoff. I love the full coverage with which it applies. Lasting power is that of an average liquefied lipstick product – it stays put for most of the time but will transfer if your pout touches anything. However, the drying finish and the settling into crevices factor kind of kills it for me. It could be such an effortless product if reformulated or at the most tweaked a little here and there. Since I am rather infatuated with the color, I went ahead and tried a few things that would hopefully assist in making it work out for the better. Each time I wanted to wear Namaste I would exfoliate my lips prior to assure they were their smoothest they could possibly be, then I would lay down a lip balm as a base/primer. This kind of helped with filling in the cracks and lines but of course nothing of groundbreaking proportions. Using a balm before swiping on the paint did help with the drying feeling but I felt like I had to reapply more often as it kept the formula activated and it did not set all the way. I’m seriously thinking about investing in an actual lip primer in order to make this work somehow.

Browsing the internet I did stumble upon a lot of positive reviews but none of them involved the shade Namaste. Maybe it’s this particular color that acts this way because according to a lot of people some of the bolder shades don’t experience these issues. 

With that being said, for those who are curious I do recommend this product and opt for the brighter and bolder shades, just not the color Namaste. Which is really a shame because the shade has so much potential.

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