June 3, 2016

Lorac Cosmetics Alter Ego Lip Liner In Socialite

Lorac Cosmetics expanded their Alter Ego emporium by adding on to their famous matte lipsticks with lip glosses and lip liners for their Summer 2016 collection. As part of their Alter Ego series, the lip liners come in a 10-piece range of richly pigmented colors that will help you dress up your lips in whatever identity you would like to take on. Whether that be a Socialite, a Dominatrix, a Seductress, or what have you. The 10 available colors are named and formulated after their already existing Alter Ego lipstick line, which makes it a great match to gain optimal color and payoff for the perfect lip. These lip liners are long-wearing twist-up creamy pencils that come with a special sharpener that can be pulled out from the end of the pencil. The shade I purchased is Socialite, a modern nude, and I have paired it with the lipstick version of it as well as combined it with my other nude lipsticks – on all various combinations this pencil works amazing.

In terms of of wear, this pencil glides on very smoothly right from the beginning and does not need any warming up prior to use like some lip liners. Although it’s not necessarily super emollient. The color is nicely pigmented and goes on with a full coverage matte finish, making this a great candidate to either simply line or completely fill in the lips. There is no tugging while applying and it has great lasting power without that annoying drying effect. I noticed that when I completely filled in my lips they stayed soft and almost felt a tad hydrated like a creamy lipstick or balm. Lorac formulated their lip liners to contain antioxidants such as acai berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract, and vitamin E to help keep lips soft and healthy throughout wear duration. I love the precision applicator tip so I have controlled access to lining my lips. It wore for about 8 hours on me, a regular working day, and the product did not fade, bleed, or remotely feathered.

Even though lip liners is only something I’ve gotten deeply invested in only recently, I seriously love the Alter Ego Lip Liner in Socialite. From the long-wearing formula to the creamy and bleed-resistant texture, this has been one of my go-to’s since I purchased it. The overall concept of the line is fun just like the Alter Ego lipsticks and it goes really well with its lipstick counterpart as the colors are completely the same, and I believe in tandem with each other it only extends and helps out the wear of either one. I hope the Alter Ego Lip Liner edition is a permanent one because the formula is really, really amazing, and I would love to keep the Socialite shade as a permanent mainstay in my growing lip liner collection.

Below I swatched the lip liner by itself, as well as compared the color to the PRO Matte Lip Color in Nude – review here -, and the Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Socialite – review here -. Unfortunately I lost my Alter Ego Lipstick somewhere along the way since I combined all 3 of the Socialite varieties for a nude lip that one day, so I could not compare it with the liner and gloss. Welp and sorry 🙁

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