May 31, 2016

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish In Global Glow

I have owned quite a few MAC products over the years, because, why not? But Global Glow is only the second addition to my petite Mineralize Skinfinish collection ($32 each / 0.35 oz) with Soft & Gentle being the pioneer – reviewed here -. Besides Cheeky Bronze and Gold Deposit, Global Glow is a shade from the past MAC has brought back and made it a permanent option in their Mineralize Skinfinish edition. Global Glow is described as a neutral tan with a silver sheen, but to me reads as a bronze/coppery color with warm undertones and has a golden sheen instead. This MSF has great pigment and amazing color payoff making this particular shade one of those that could be utilized as either a bronzer or highlighter. If you want to use this primarily as a bronzer I do caution those who have fairer skin that this specific color runs a little on the orange side. Otherwise this could function as a gorgeous highlighter only when using a light hand because it takes almost nothing to pick up too much color, defeating the purpose of it being an actual highlighter.

Texture of Global Glow is incredibly soft and smooth, although very much on the powdery side causing excess product to kick up in the pan as well as on the skin. The latter will buff away very easy and quickly though. The formula has great color payoff and lasts for about 8.5 hours before it started to slightly fade into patches. Depending on what light you hold the compact in, the shimmer or sheen that is cast almost looks like chunky glitter and is definitely not as finely-milled as that of Cheeky Bronze. The finish is a high-impact metallic but I think due to the size of the shimmer (glitter) particles, it did unfortunately emphasize some of my pores and the natural texture of my skin. Nothing too heartbreaking because after using it for a couple of days and learning how to work with it, I did reach a happy medium of product ratio to pick up in order to minimize the appearance of emphasized pores and texture. It’s just unfortunate because of MAC’s highly regarded reputation.

In conclusion, Global Glow performed really well in terms of quality and of course texture – the only downfall of this specific MSF is the pore emphasis, but like I said in the previous paragraph it does have a learning curve and once you got that down then in retrospect it’s not that bad of a product to work with. If you want something a little easier to work with then I recommend either Soft & Gentle, which is a true highlighter, and Cheeky Bronze, which can be used as a bronzer and highlighter as well but is more finely-milled and does not emphasize pores and skin texture. As far as I can remember from swatching it at the counter a little while ago, that is.

For reference I swatched both Global Glow and Soft & Gentle next to each other in below image for comparison.

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